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Capital Markets

Research and Analysis Services

On-demand Research Backed by Domain Experts and Tech Accelerators

Continued business and geo-political volatility and frequent changes in the investment climate have intensified the need for capital market research and analysis services. Investment bankers and wealth and asset managers are looking for sharper, more timely insights for quick and incisive analysis to manage portfolios better.

To seize new business opportunities, firms must find ways to expedite deal cycles and take the investment mandates they receive to fruition. Equally important is research rigor, whether it is for producing ready-to-go pitchbooks or protecting portfolio health with real-time monitoring of market updates.

WNS’ Research & Analysis Services for the capital market combine industry and financial market expertise with digital solutions. We offer flexible and cost-effective operating models that effectively meet the evolving needs of investment firms.


40+ clients across global markets



24x7 follow-the-sun deal processing



40% increase in deal origination



30% savings in overall processing time



30% improvement in coverage



Enhanced capacity with global talent



Case Study

Co-creation Helps Increase Deal Origination by 40%


Our End-to-End Research and Analysis Services

Tap for finance and analysis expertise, experience across industries and geographies, and digital capabilities

Domain Expertise

Investment Banking

  • Deal Origination
  • Financial Modeling and Valuations
  • Target Screening
  • Precedent Transactions
  • Briefing Packs, Permanent Interest-bearing (PIB) Shares, and Memos
  • Industry and Company Profiles
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Capital Structure Analysis
Domain Expertise

Equity Research Services/ Credit Research Services

  • Idea Generation and Research Support
  • Investment Analysis / Themes
  • Financial Modeling
  • Coverage Initiation and Maintenance
  • Leveraged Loans & Private Debt Memos
  • Capital Structure & Covenant Analysis
  • Regulatory Research and News Coverage
  • ESG Overlay & Scorecards
  • Portfolio and Market Monitoring/Dashboards
  • Monthly/Quarterly Market Outlook
Domain Expertise

Quant Analytics

  • Idea Validation & Development
  • Numerical Quantitative Modelling
  • Pricing and Valuation Support
  • Portfolio Optimization and Risk Assessment
  • Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing
Domain Expertise

Business Research

  • Macroeconomic Research
  • Industry Research
  • Company Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Real Estate Research
Domain Expertise

Corporate Due Diligence Services

  • Financial Red Flags
  • Management Red Flags
  • Business Red Flags
  • Industry Red Flags
  • Reputation Loss Events
Domain Expertise

Strategy, Planning and Business Development Research

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market / Sector Analysis
  • Business Development Research Project
  • Asset Management Market Update
  • Product Market Update
Domain Expertise

Database Services

  • Data Sourcing & Warehouse
  • Automated Data Extraction
  • Data Validation and Spreading
  • Data Publishing & Reporting
Domain Expertise

Publishing Support

  • Library Services
  • Documentation Services
  • Pitchbook and Graphic Support

The WNS Advantage

Deep Industry Expertise

  • Industry experts with experience in 20+ industry sectors across global markets

  • 1,000+ professionals including MBAs, postgraduates in finance, chartered financial analysts, certified public accountants, chartered accountants and financial risk managers

  • Centralized compendiums for company profiles, financial models and research

Digital Transformation Capabilities

  • AI and Analytics

    • Proprietary, AI-based financial statement spreading tool to capture financial information for quality checks

    • Proprietary, cognitive data capture and processing platform, WNS SKENSE, powered by AI and ML that converts unstructured data into actionable business insights

    • AI-enabled active monitoring, and predictive analysis for periodic newsletters

  • Automation Tools

    • Web crawlers and scrapers to collect and screen information from multiple data sources, and feed data into industry and company factsheets

    • Web scrapers and APIs to manage multiple data sources / types, graphic repositories and automated posting, re-sizing and charting of tabulated data for company reports

Third-party Technology and Database Platforms

Working knowledge of complex, industry-focused technology platforms for:

  • Portfolio management

  • Real-time financial data analysis

Agile Operating Model

  • Flexible pricing model (Full-Time Equivalent or Unit-Based Pricing or Output based)

  • On-demand scalability to meet changing needs


Customer Success Stories

Domain Expertise

Client: US-based investment banking and wealth management firm


  • Investment banking advisory
    • Pitchbook
    • Valuation – Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), comps, precedents
    • Company and industry analysis
    • Confidential memo, Public Information Book (PIB) shares
    • Ad hoc or periodic updates
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services
  • Library/market intelligence

Value delivered:

  • 60% direct cost savings
  • 40% savings through a UI-based Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) database integrator
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) of 10 / 10 for 15+ years
  • Consistently meeting SLAs and maintaining 95%+ utilization
  • Automation for pitchbook updates, locations, maps and comparables
Domain Expertise

Client: Leading US-based hedge fund


  • Investment research / portfolio research for secondary deals
    • Financial modeling
    • Valuation - DCF, comparable comps, precedents
    • Company and industry analysis
  • Financial due diligence
  • Periodic investment trackers and in-house databases
  • Document review and verification

Value delivered:

  • Evaluated 250+ deals with an aggregate value of over USD10 Billion
  • 50% reduced efforts for coverage maintenance through automated news tracking leveraging proprietary web crawling capabilities
  • Helped the firm’s partners with a strategic initiative and fundraising
  • Covered countries across North America, South America, Europe and Asia
Domain Expertise

Client: Leading US-based mid-tier investment bank


  • Investment research and analysis
  • Industry research and macro research
  • Financial modeling and company valuations
  • Public information book, newsletters and memos
  • Earnings summary and credit memos
  • Document management

Value delivered:

  • Created a sustainable offshore business model, resulting in a VOC score of 10/10
  • 33% decreased TAT for financial modeling
  • Centralized operations – better capacity utilization, accuracy tracking and overall project monitoring