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Manage flight disruptions better with RePAXSM

Flight disruption is the biggest cause of inconvenience and dissatisfaction for air travelers. Disruptions may lead to operational hazards, reduced profit margins and erosion in brand equity and passenger loyalty for airline companies. In fact, airlines lose millions of dollars each year because of their inability to re-protect their affected customers, quickly and efficiently.

WNS RePAXSM - a fully automated, on-demand solution - can help airlines manage flight disruptions better, with minimal manual intervention. This breakthrough 'Flight Disruption Management' solution is deeply integrated with the airline reservation system, and pre-empts the domino effect of a flight disruption, managing the situation seamlessly - from informing the passenger and airline authorities about the disruption (almost real-time), prioritizing and re-booking passengers to processing refunds and reserving hotels for eligible passengers! The RePAXSM solution ensures 25 times faster re-booking compared to the manual process. It significantly reduces re-booking time from 4-5 hours per flight to 45 minutes, which means one can re-book a flight carrying 180 passengers in just 45 minutes!

Manage Flight Disruptions Better with WNS RePAX

The Key Features

  • Offers a structured and standardized application for wing-to-wing re-booking at your command
  • Sends real-time alerts and updates to passengers, airport staff, and social media teams through SMS and e-mail (prior, during and after the event)
  • Re-issues / revalidates the tickets on passenger request
  • Automatically re-books passengers to own airline and OAL, including LCC air content
  • Automatically calculates refunds (for fully unutilized tickets) and compensation according to the airline policies
  • Facilitates automated hotel booking for eligible passengers
  • Provides business insights / analytics, through on-tap reporting and MIS capability, for decision support
  • Provides real-time and historical operational reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and Passenger Service Systems (PSSs)
  • Provides real-time information to airports on re-booking status and passenger itineraries
  • Issues / generates vouchers for hotel, meals, lounge access, compensation, among others
  • Identifies and prioritizes passengers based on customer value score
  • Offers flexibility to build additional modules to meet business needs

The Key Benefits

  • Enhances passenger satisfaction
  • Ascertains minimum passenger impact
  • Reduces costs and increases savings
  • Improves productivity and turnaround time
  • Ensures 25 times faster re-booking
  • Improves overall efficiency by 70 percent
  • Removes manual intervention

Awards & Recognitions


WNS won Gold in the Best New Product or Service of the Year category for RePAXSM at the 2015 International Business AwardsSM



"WNS' solution is clearly innovative and showcases how WNS understands our business and innovates to deliver business value "

Michel Hilgersom, Director of Procurement Commercial, KLM