Advanced Technology Suite Enabling the CFO’s Futuristic Agenda

The finance function of tomorrow will be the driving force behind a sustainable business model. From managing external uncertainties to improving organizational resilience, it will play an extensive and strategic role. The onus is, therefore, on the CFOs to prepare their finance functions for a disruptive future.

Amid the spate of disruptions that have characterized global businesses in recent times, finance functions are trying to gear up for the futuristic finance transformation in a more focused and concerted manner. Critical for CFOs is the ability to analyze their organizations’ wherewithal to exploit actionable intelligence, supported by talent and best-in-class technologies to take their finance operations to the next level.

WNS’CFO TRAC is a unified and comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to address the emerging imperatives of the CFO and create a greater impact on the enterprise. It equips the CFOs to address the external and internal rate of change, driven by a digitally disruptive ecosystem. WNS’ CFO TRAC offers an end-to-end, integrated solution for financial planning, budgeting, operations and analytics that is Cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Available in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, our solution drives higher process efficiencies and transactional accuracy leveraging our RPA capabilities, including intelligent automation. Co-created with leading global CFOs, the suite is underpinned by emerging technologies, advanced analytics and process innovation frameworks to transform the finance function, and establish benchmarks for better governance and regulatory compliance.



Procure-to-Pay - WNS CFO TRAC


WNS' procure-to-pay solution facilitates multi-channel introduction of invoices, data extraction and processing, followed by seamless transfer to native ERP systems for further action. Offered stand-alone or as part of an end-to-end, integrated F&A suite, the solution helps improve operational efficiencies while optimizing risks and addressing compliance needs better.

Record-to-Report WNS CFO TRAC


WNS’ Record- to-Report (R2R) solution suite – a combination of a proprietary and a partner-driven solution – automates complex and high-volume transactional reconciliations for banks and large organizations. It combines process, technology and analytics into a web-based accounts reconciliation tool to enable effective bank, inter-unit and General Ledger (GL) reconciliations.

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Order-to-Cash WNS CFO TRAC


WNS’ Order-to-Cash suite is offered as a software-as-a-service solution to standardize the O2C process in line with industry-leading practices. It helps reduce inefficiencies to improve revenues and profitability, and offers both Cloud and on-premise deployment options to organizations.

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Supplier Portal WNS CFO TRAC

Supplier Portal

WNS’ Standard Supplier Portal is a supplier self-service portal that enables efficient online exchange and flow of supplier communications. This supplier management portal integrates with client’s native ERP, and automates their entire purchase-to-pay process, including communications with both large and small suppliers.

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WNS Advantage

  • High-impact solutions: Our proprietary solutions and re-usable assets are built leveraging our deep domain knowledge and technology best practices. They help streamline and augment Finance and Accounting (F&A) operations.
  • Transformative technologies: Our proprietary technology tools and partner-driven solutions are bundled together and offered as a single, integrated F&A platform to power transformation for our clients. Advanced RPA-based offerings accelerate the core business processes for unmatched efficiency and cost savings.
  • Customized F&A services across industries: Our proprietary, industry-specific BPaaS technology platforms - airline revenue accounting, proactive fare audit and Meter-to-Cash (M2C) tools, among others - are equipped with in-built SMAC capabilities to drive multi-channel digital transformation across the value chain. Our technology platforms are geared to cater to industries such as insurance, media, retail, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, telecom, travel and utilities.
  • Embedded analytics: By leveraging proprietary frameworks such as WADESM, we embed descriptive and predictive analysis capabilities into our F&A solutions to drive benefits and outcomes that go far beyond conventional business insights and intelligence.