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WNS and HFS Research Travel and Hospitality Market Impact Report

The New Frontier
of Travel IS

on the Horizon…

Are You On Board?

WNS and HFS Research explore the future of travel and hospitality – looking at how to contain costs while embracing the tech innovation you’ll need to succeed.
Of enterprises are focusing more on innovation vs cost
Need to move beyond the functional transformation phase
See digital disruption as a major challenge

Key Insights to Thrive
in the New Travel Landscape

The digital conundrum: Balancing cost and innovation.

Travel and hospitality firms are currently tilted toward cost containment but expected to lean more toward innovation soon.


The HFS Horizons are setting the playbook for enterprise transformation for firms to survive, thrive and lead.

Travel and hospitality firms are investing across three key areas of enterprise transformation, moving toward ecosystems in the future.


Travel and hospitality firms must operationalize to meet customer expectations and battle digital disruption.

A shift in customer needs and expectations toward personalization and seamless experiences is driving digital maturity, changes in operating models and developing rapid product and service innovation.


Enabling tech adoption is driven by core modernization, and emerging tech like Gen AI brings cautious optimism.

Core modernization and digitalization is table stakes, while Gen AI opportunities and risks loom on the horizon.


Partnerships become a significant element of ecosystem development.

Travel and hospitality firms are leaning into partnerships for domain expertise and consulting prowess, especially when it comes to important initiatives like CX and sustainability.


The Industry at a Glance

73 %

of travel and hospitality firms are yet to attain full digital maturity

36 %

see changing customer expectations as their biggest challenge

65 %

want to be focusing on ecosystem development in the next two years

41 %

rank domain expertise as critical for service providers

33 %

see breaking out of functional silos as a must for a customer-centric model

Last Call for the Future
of Travel

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Innovation may be taking off, but there are still big decisions ahead: Where to invest, and when? How to maintain a competitive edge while keeping costs in check? What to buy and what to build?

Through our research, we have identified seven key areas that will change the game for travel and hospitality. There is a sustainable, customer-centric future on the horizon – but only for those who actively invest in functional, enterprise and ecosystem modernization. And we are here to share how.

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Innovate to Survive

Changing customer expectations and digital disruption demand rapid product and service innovation. You will need to invest in new business models to keep pace.


Modernization is a Must for the Majority

With most firms yet to reach digital maturity, there’s work to be done to achieve maximum potential – particularly across the corporate functions of sales and marketing, procurement and HR.


Optimizing Operations and Investment Strategy

While guest relations are relatively mature, there’s a need to enhance operations management and loyalty programs.


Striking the Right Balance

As you aim to balance cost containment activities with innovation initiatives, the next two years will be critical – with focus moving away from functional transformation to an ecosystem-driven model.


Power in Partnership

Partner, buy or build? For most firms, the deep domain and consulting expertise of a proven partner is helping them reach digital maturity goals.


From Functional Silos to Frictionless Experiences

Evolving customer expectations are driving a shift in go-to-market strategies. And seamless experiences will soon demand the deconstruction of your functional silos.


Sustainability Takes Flight

While much of the motivation to go green remains compliance-driven, firms are increasingly turning to strategic partners to achieve ESG goals.


Expert Perspectives

Explore some of the report’s key themes from other experts.

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