At WNS, we believe in the adage, “We rise by lifting others.” WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) is positively impacting communities around us and making a significant contribution toward improving the lives of the underserved. With education for the underprivileged as its core instrument of change, WCF has carefully crafted programs that are designed to create long-lasting, sustainable advancement in society.

WCF was registered as a not-for-profit company in 2011 for carrying out developmental activities. WCF operates in 28 locations and 13 countries across the globe. All our operational countries have implemented community development programs. We collaborate with schools, teachers, parents and employee volunteers of WNS to empower and co-create opportunities for marginalized children and youth. The foundation focuses on equipping young individuals with real-life skills, enabling them to build a secure and resilient future.

Details of our community development programs are accessible online at WNS Cares Foundation. We have established CSR Committees for entities in India as per applicable laws. Guided by our CSR policy and overseen by the CSR Committee, we carry out various activities tied to our mission under the WCF banner.


  • Educate beyond academics
  • Empower by helping them cross the social divide
  • Enrich with real-life skills

Taking inspiration from the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these three pillars focus on sustainable impact creation.

UN WFC program: Sustainable Goals UN WFC program: Sustainable Goals

CSR Times Award 2022 for WNS Cares Foundation’s Digital Learning Initiative – CyberSmart (Gold)

Golden Peacock Global Award 2022 for Corporate Social Responsibility (Gold)


Stevie Business Award for ‘CSR Program of the Year’ 2022 (in Asia, Australia and New Zealand) (Bronze)


Volunteer Engagement

The backbone of all our CSR activities is undoubtedly our army of dedicated, hard-working and passionate volunteers who are WNS employees. In FY 2022-23, 9,101 employees volunteered and delivered services to 3,475,369 beneficiaries. The total volunteering hours was 11,867.

The various platforms we use to promote WCF’s brand, philosophy and programs internally and externally to volunteers are:

  • Orientation: WCF forms an integral part of the WNS induction program, communicating our commitment to social causes to new recruits.
  • Intranet: WNS’ intranet features an MIS to help employees get the latest information on volunteering opportunities in their respective locations.
  • Virtual Awareness: Virtual awareness involves talking to employees about WCF, its programs and volunteering opportunities.
  • WCF Wall: The WCF Wall serves as a display showcasing the foundation’s latest activities and features, photos of local volunteers in action and an updated calendar of activities, among other things.
  • Monthly Volunteering Calendars: These provide details of volunteering opportunities available to the staff in the coming month.
  • Weekly Broadcast: The Weekly Broadcast is a weekly e-mail highlighting the volunteering activities that took place across the globe during that period.
  • WCF Pulse: A quarterly WCF newsletter, it provides updates on various activities and programs undertaken by the foundation.
  • WNS Circle: A dedicated WCF section within the quarterly company newsletter, it complements WCF Pulse and outlines the salient WCF activities and programs in various geographies.
Woman working on a project

Formal Education Opportunities in South Africa

Ucademy, a WNS subsidiary company in South Africa, is an accredited training provider. Through Ucademy, we aim to provide our employees and prospective employees access to quality training programs. These programs not only advance the skill sets of the trainees but also equip them with a nationally recognized qualification in business process management. This initiative is part of our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) efforts, but the benefits are also open to all employees to create equal access to development and progression. During FY 2022-23, we enrolled 396 WNS-employed youth in a 12-month learnership program, giving them a strong foundation in contact center operations, along with opportunities to gain experience in other areas. On completion, the participants were offered permanent employment. This program not only empowers individuals with knowledge, skills and experience but also provides them stable employment. These outcomes further contribute to the South African government’s drive to reduce unemployment in the country.


“I feel fortunate to have been part of the incredible team at Ucademy while undergoing the learnership program. I got great opportunities for personal and professional growth. The work culture was collaborative, supportive and inclusive. I was always surrounded by talented and inspiring colleagues. The leadership team prioritized employee well-being and development while remaining committed to innovation and excellence. I am grateful for the amazing experience and knowledge I gained from the company. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career.”

Belinda Sampson, Participant