WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), our Corporate Social Responsibility arm, is committed to positively impacting communities around the world. Through our holistic initiatives, we co-create empowerment for marginalized children and youth across the globe by collaborating with schools, teachers, parents and WNS volunteers.

We are committed to building an inclusive and equitable society through a spectrum of sustainable initiatives guided by our three pillars: Educate, Empower and Enrich.


  • Educate beyond academics
  • Empower by helping them cross the social divide
  • Enrich with real-life skills

Taking inspiration from the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these three pillars focus on sustainable impact creation.

Volunteer Engagement

Our employees who volunteer their time to implement WCF’s programs are the backbone of all our initiatives. They drove a portion of the CSR agenda to virtual platforms, helping reach a broader audience despite the difficult global environment.

In FY 2021-22, 2,491 employees volunteered and catered to 1,105,809 beneficiaries. The total volunteering hours during the reporting period was 5,261 hours.

All our CSR programs are based on well-structured need assessments, and our volunteers serve as a bridge between schools, NGOs and WCF – including handling of grievances. We have created a platform that enables volunteers to become an integral part of our CSR initiatives through training programs specific to their locations, with due consideration to the local laws and governance.

Formal Education Opportunities

Through our sister company, ucademy, an accredited training provider, we provide our employees and prospective employees with opportunities to gain nationally recognized qualifications in business process outsourcing and management. These opportunities form part of our B-BBEE initiatives but are also open to all employees to create equal access to development and progression.

Ucademy programs are offered at no cost to individual, enabling those who are unable to afford the costs of post-school education the opportunities to gain recognized qualifications. The twelve-month learning journey comprises theoretical training; workplace application, coaching and mentoring; continuous assessment; and certification on achieving competence.

In 2021, we enrolled 367 unemployed youths in a 12-month contact center program, giving them the opportunity to attain a nationally recognized certification in contact center operations. We provided them with opportunities to gain experience across WNS campaigns and offered them permanent employment after their training.


Golden Peacock Global Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2021