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Intelligent Cloud Data Management Services

Data Observability, Data Operations Control and Collaboration to Unlock Business Value

As businesses continue to navigate data deluge on a daily basis, they face four major challenges – siloed data, the absence of a single source of truth, data pipeline performance issues and persistent data quality errors. Identifying the right set of tools and technologies to setup the data management landscape can also prove challenging. Moreover, developing efficient data visualization, analytics and user interaction applications may seem as uphill tasks due to lack of standards, global codes and well-defined data formats.

WNS’ Data Operations, Master Data Management, Data Observability & Governance offerings enable businesses to attain elevated data governance standards through a series of prioritized building blocks aligned with business goals. Our Data consulting services are designed to help businesses find the sweet spot between performance, investments and reliability. A comprehensive suite of reusable, scalable, reliable and maintainable data management platform solutions make on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud implementations possible.

End-to-End Data Data Observability and Governance Capabilities

  • Data Governance and Data Strategy Center of Excellence (CoE)

    - comprising of chief data architects, data engineering leaders and senior data management solution architects

  • Data Management and Data Governance capability teams

    - to fast-track development of big data platforms

  • Scalable cloud and on-premise MDM and Data Governance solutions

    - provide a robust analytical platform that enables businesses to process huge volumes of siloed data

  • Intelligent cloud services

    - handle data quality and data migration across different cloud platforms and analytical services helping businesses to generate insightful reports

WNS End-To-End Data Governance Observability
WNS Data-Led Offerings In Cloud Data Management

Data-led Offerings Driven by Proprietary Accelerators

  • Scalable and efficient cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) and on-premise solutions for big data and data management
  • Intelligent enterprise cloud data governance frameworks
  • AI and ML-enabled data quality, data operations, data migrations, MDM, and dynamic and intelligent data mapper pipeline
  • Data advisory and consulting
  • Data modernization
  • Intelligent cloud services
  • Self-served reporting services for cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Augmented analytics
  • Data security and compliance framework

WNS Advantage

  • Domain Knowledge: WNS specializes in and provides intelligent cloud services with scalable and efficient cloud and on-premise big data solutions

  • Accelerators and Frameworks: Expertise in Devops implementation using Airflow, Jenkins, Terraform, Cloud formation and Azure Devops

  • Flexible Engagement Models: Self-served and augmented analytics models for generating interactive reports both on-demand and dynamically

  • Agile Delivery Framework: Solutions are developed on Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure & GCP)

  • Partnerships with Leading Technology Vendors: Partnership with technology vendors such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Collibra and Alation