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The airline industry is battling unprecedented disruption and under pressure to quickly transform to meet evolving demands, create a positive Customer Experience (CX) and secure loyalty.

WNS partners with 25+ leading airlines to help elevate guest experience by 15% or more, improve operations efficiency by up to 40%, reduce costs by up to 30%, and improve agility from operational data and analytics to ensure their business continuity and growth in difficult times. We offer a comprehensive suite of industry-specific and cross-industry solutions underpinned by deep domain knowledge, digital and analytics expertise, and process excellence.

Digital-first Solutions

We have forged strategic alliances with technology and automation partners to develop and deliver best-in-class services and capabilities.

Domain Expertise


Automated Flight Disruption Management Solution

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Domain Expertise


Productivity and Workflow Management Solution

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Domain Expertise

Verifare PlusSM

Automated and Comprehensive Fare Audit Solution

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Domain Expertise


Automated Proration Engine

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Domain Expertise

Commercial Planning Suite

Cloud-based, Decision-support Platform

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Domain Expertise

Fare Filing & Distribution Center of Excellence Framework

WNS’ Diagnostic Model

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Domain Expertise

Airline Cargo Optimized Solutions Suite (ACOSS)

Integrated Suite of Cargo Management Solutions Powered By Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation and Advanced Analytics

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Domain Expertise

WNS Volume Surge Solution

A travel solution to manage volume spikes through WNS Open Talent and Forecasting Framework

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Domain Expertise

WNS Document Verification Solution

A comprehensive solution for easy, accurate validation of COVID-19 documentation

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Digitization Across the Value Chain

Our smart and automated solutions create end-to-end process excellence, drive operational efficiencies and provide analytics-driven insights on the market for better business decisions.

Domain Expertise

Commercial / Marketing

  • Customer interactions
  • Sales
  • PNR fulfilment
  • Fares & distribution
  • Social Media
  • Revenue integrity
  • Guest relations
  • eCommerce
  • Loyalty / campaign management
Domain Expertise


  • Crew scheduling & rostering
  • Disruption management
  • In-flight services
  • Maintenance & engineering
  • Airport operations
  • Baggage desk

Domain Expertise


  • Procurement
  • Finance & accounting
  • Revenue accounting
  • Fraud management
  • Refunds
  • Fare audit
  • BIDT audit

Domain Expertise


  • Commercial
  • Revenue accounting & management
  • Financial accounting
  • Trucking
  • Operations & business intelligence
Domain Expertise


  • Help desk
  • Digital platforms
  • Automation / RPA

Domain Expertise

Shared Services

  • Human resources
  • Training
  • Staff travel
  • Risk & compliance
  • Project management

Scaling with Advanced Analytics

From understanding customers to providing insight-based business decision support, our analytical offerings empower airlines across various touchpoints.

Domain Expertise

Marketing Analytics

  • Digital marketing
  • Customer acquisition analytics
  • Churn propensity
  • Comprehensive sales analytics
  • Single View of Passenger (SVOC)
Domain Expertise

Operations Analytics

  • AI-driven process automation
  • Screen data capture
  • Agent-enablement analytics
  • Fuel analytics
  • Crew analytics
Domain Expertise

Cargo Analytics

  • Propensity to cancel
  • Multi-variate demand forecasting
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Cognitive data capture & processing
  • Network scenario modelling
Domain Expertise

Revenue Management Analytics

  • Last-minute booking intelligence
  • No show prediction & overbooking planning
  • Multi-variate booking forecast engine
  • Cloud-based BI for revenue management
Domain Expertise

Loyalty Analytics

  • Loyalty program strategy & design
  • Loyalty performance management & analytics
  • Campaign operations
Domain Expertise

Fraud Analytics

  • ML models to categorize fraud likelihood
  • Spatial analysis to identity theft
  • Link analysis to identify fraud rings

WNS Advantage

Domain Expertise: We have more than 20 years of experience in the airline industry that enable us to offer deep insights to airlines. By leveraging intelligent technologies and advanced analytics we develop and deliver high-impact business solutions.

Center of Excellence Approach: WNS’ Airline Center of Excellence (CoE) integrates our talent pool with airlines and Global Distribution System (GDS), best-of-breed travel Business Process Management (BPM) operations, industry best practices, proven methodologies and digital transformation frameworks. This enables us to build and implement transformational solutions that drive cost and revenue optimization for airlines.

Intelligent Digital Transformation: Our digital transformation solutions are underpinned by:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation: A comprehensive suite of proprietary intelligent automation solutions comprising platform augmentation solutions and third-party RPA BOTs
  • WNS TRACTM : Our comprehensive suite of next-generation technology solutions combines our proprietary solutions and intellectual properties with partner products and tools. WNS TRACTM integrates deep domain expertise, embedded analytics, in-depth process knowledge and technology capabilities to create end-to-end offerings to improve passenger experience, enable revenue uplift and drive efficiencies in operations
  • Analytics & Big Data: We build integrated data architectures to generate actionable and impactful insights, and enable airlines to eliminate decision latency and proactively address key challenges. Our differentiation lies in the way we utilize airlines’ data to achieve desired business goals

Strategic Flexibility and Scalability: We are large enough to provide capacity, scale and deep airline domain experience, and nimble enough to respond quickly to the variability in our clients’ business environment. Our innovative, flexible commercial models are outcome-driven, reduce total cost of ownership and unlock opportunities for non-linear growth.

Strong Client-centricity: Our client-centric approach creates a well-defined ecosystem to drive internal business strategies for airlines — including end-to-end process cycles, customer interactions, financial operations and sales enablement.

Outcome-driven Consultative Approach: We enable airlines to address their most challenging commercial, financial and operational problems in the areas of revenue improvement, cost optimization, cash flow enrichment, operational assessments, business process re-engineering, digital transformation, and more. We embed the right business metrics, continuous improvement measures, and technology and analytics accelerators to ensure a culture of perpetual transformation.

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