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The Internet has opened up multiple touch points and opportunities for companies to interact with customers online. But it’s easier said than done! Constantly changing customer behavior makes it hard for companies to keep pace. Each customer is unique and no Website can be built to address every customer’s unique needs. Moreover, a high percentage of customers surf the Website anonymously, making it extremely difficult to target customers.

As the name suggests, WNS' Customer Experience Management tool is a real-time Web application that improves the online experience of a visitor.


Key Features

  • Facilitates multi-channel customer engagement on the client’s website
  • Offers real-time proactive customer management based on advanced analytics
  • Ensures intent identification for both ‘authenticated’ and ‘unauthenticated’ visitors
  • Enables pre-domain and cross session capture for effective customer segmentation and targeting
  • Acts as an ‘intelligent’ agent based on knowledge management and real-time customer information feed


How it Works

The tool analyzes a visitor’s journey in the past using advanced algorithms, and triggers different ways of engagement when the visitor is online. It creates business rules to trigger a recommendation or a proactive chat or a discretionary call with a customer services representative. This increases the potential for sales conversion and customer satisfaction, and dramatically lowers the cost-to-serve. It is a self-learning tool-kit. Therefore, its efficiency increases with maturity.


WNS' Customer Experience Management tool plugs the inability of a Website to provide personalized experience to all visitors by offering disruptive intervention to guide the customer towards journey completion. The tangible benefits of the tool are:

  • 5-7% increase in the visitor’s Website stickiness per journey
  • 5% improvement in customer satisfaction due to proactive recommendations and easy information flow
  • 5-10% increase in conversion
  • 10-20% lift in revenues
  • Increased information dispersal through intuitive chat design and delivery
  • Higher resolution of issues – customer service associates can simultaneously work on multiple chat windows and therefore can give more time to each customer resulting in higher first-time resolution
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