At WNS, we view loyalty as a two-way engagement:

  • Loyalty that the customer demonstrates through hard behavior (spend) and soft behavior (propensity to spend or affinity with business demonstrated through direct / indirect constructive feedback)
  • Loyalty that the business demonstrates through hard behavior (timely / segmented / personalized offers, incentives or simply token of appreciation) and soft behavior (developing constant understanding and re-understanding of the customer, their preferences and propensities, responsible communication with customers etc.)

WNS brings more than 10 years of specialized campaign analytics experience, having successfully driven several targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns for some of the top global brands. We have a robust campaign analytics practice which is built around our strong foundation in advanced analytics.

We steer campaigns end-to-end, right from development and execution to measurement and analysis to managing the end-customer experience.

Diagram_Campaign Analytics

A US hotel chain generates revenue of more than USD 30 Mn through campaign analytics
WNS helped client drive a targeted campaign based on a predictive ROI optimization model

A multinational hotel chain analyzes the revenue impact of social media reputation
The WNS model helped client gauge the impact on financial KPIs for percentage increase in online reputation

The WNS Advantage

Rich Legacy in Managed Services
WNS offers the entire portfolio of campaign management services, cutting the costs and complexities associated with multi-vendor engagements. Drawing on our rich experience in managed services, we bring in robust process management and measurement practices to drive continuous improvement. Our client-centric engagement models deliver not only flexibility and cost benefits to clients, but also minimize the need to make significant upfront investments.

Strong Credentials in Campaign Analytics
More than 10 years of specialization with a dedicated team of more than 150 analysts, serving clients across North America, Europe, EMEA and APAC. We leverage analytics to continuously drive rigor around improving campaign efficacy and efficiency.

Multi-channel / Cross-channel Capability
Leveraging managed technology setup, WNS helps clients reach out to the right customers through the right channels with the right messaging / offers.

Responsible Campaign
We say ‘No’ to untargeted mass marketing campaigns. Such expensive strategies might work in the short run but can jeopardize the quality of your CRM data assets in the long run. We focus on targeted marketing thereby helping preserve client’s CRM data assets through responsible use of communication opportunities.

" We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, insightful customer analytics, and their global delivery footprint."
Jim Sprigg

Director, Database Marketing & Analytics IHG

A ‘High Performer’ in HfS Research’s Blueprint Report 2015 for Enterprise Analytics Services
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