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A Next-Gen Business Intelligence Analytics Platform for Businesses that Need ‘Actual Insights’


BI Platform with Self-Serve Analytics @ Work

After years of being dependent on busy IT teams and scattered spreadsheets for all your reporting needs, as a business user, you are now on the lookout for self-service Business Intelligence analytical platforms that can furnish a single view of relevant insights from varied data sources.

All you need is a single, comprehensive platform that harmonizes, analyzes and visualizes all your complex and disparate data for smarter insights and decision-making.


Data to Insights, in a Simple, Agile and Compelling Manner

You are looking for insights to make the right decisions, and you still don’t have THE tool or platform to help you do that.



WNS Brandttitude™ - A state-of-the-art, cloud-based business intelligence self-serve analytics platform



Brandtittude™ offers you a unique experience with its easy installation, compelling visualizations in consumable formats that deliver actionable insights on the go across devices. Chances are that you have already tried your hand at a BI Analytics platform or your platform doesn’t offer insights with a multi-dimensional view across disparate data. Please request a DEMO, so you can experience Brandtittude™ at your work.

  Track your business performance against multiple dimensions with ease. If you belong to the CPG industry, you can obtain heat maps on growth trends and determine how your products measure against competition. While as an insurance player, you can have a holistic view on your performance across the spectrum, right from underwriting stage to claims handling. Brandttitude™ empowers your decision makers with real-time intelligent insights across disparate data sources.


Brandttitude™ is the only business intelligence analytics platform that lets you perform exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling and self-service analytics to provide compelling metrics in diverse categories.


A real-time solution that leverages technology, analytics and deep domain expertise to generate actionable and reliable business insights. While market share reports give extensive information on brands’ market volumes and market shares for the CPG industry, with Brandttitude™ you can generate comprehensive reports on shipment, market share, brand perception and consumption, macro-economic data and more. With the insurance industry, it helps with the view of customer journey across the entire insurance value chain while looking at key measures on customer complaints, ease of doing business with call center and direct customer feedback.

Brandttitude™ unfolds a holistic view of your business performance while simultaneously identifying key performance patterns irrespective of the industry you belong to.

Decode Your Data in Real-time

All Your Data in One Place

Brandttitude™ gives you a single and comprehensive view of all your data, right from market data on brand performance, trend analysis, collection analysis, shipment data analysis, to risk data and more.

Intelligence-embedded Insights

Brandttitude™ is all about transforming your data into meaningful business intelligence, be it in identifying buying patterns, analyzing fraud, financial analytics or understanding customer behaviors and perceptions.

Improved Business Performance

Brandttitude™ helps you elevate your business performance by infusing relevant intelligence into your key strategies and plans. For instance, Retail & CPG industries can develop targeted marketing campaigns to move brand positioning to the next level through predictive modeling and self-service analytics.

Easy-to-read Dashboards

Brandttitude™ provides you a host of visualization options by integrating visual analytics, KPIs, reporting and dashboards on the go across any device. Your business users are empowered with smart insights delivered instantly through Quickstat pages.

Features & Benefits

The Power of Synchronized Data, Analytics and Deep Domain Expertise

Data Integration Varied data sources are harmonized and ingested to a scalable analytics platform to provide you with a comprehensive library of industry-standard market KPIs configurable to different industries. Our big data analytics powers efficient and accurate data transformation.
Business Benefits
  • Multiple data integration capabilities to include any type of data
  • An integrated view of business performance
Real-time Collaboration Real-time online shared space created for stakeholders enable your business users to instantly share unified information and insights (with annotations) for faster decision-making. You receive versatile report options in the form of PDFs, Excel and image files.
Business Benefits
  • Real-time insights with anytime, anywhere access from any device
Personalized Views With the inbuilt list of more than 150 predefined KPIs (KPI library) across data sources, you have multiple self-generated and customized screen views ready for future reference and consumption.
Business Benefits
  • Single comprehensive view of various brand equity related performance indicators - from global markets to local regions
  • 360 degree competitive view - helps reveal true brand equity through comparative analysis
Interactive User-friendliness Comprehensive tool tips, visual alerts and notifications, selective and specific data views, and accurate benchmarking place easy and efficient decision-making in the hands of your business users.
Business Benefits
  • Faster decision making
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in time from data harnessing to analysis and dash-boarding
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