The contemporary digital age is characterized by a data deluge. Internal (CRM, ERP, machines, etc.) and external data (social, public data, geospatial, smart meters, etc.) are contributing significantly to this deluge. Most of this data is complex and in varied forms (structured, unstructured and semi-structured). While harnessing all this data is still a big challenge, recent technological advancements have enabled this access, and exponentially increased the power of intelligence it can generate. Organizations are scurrying to generate actionable insights to help them make smarter business decisions that can differentiate the organization in an over-crowded marketplace.

WNS leverages its analytics expertise in combination with rich industry domain knowledge and custom-built proprietary frameworks to help clients make these informed decisions at the right time! We provide a range of services to clients ranging from top global firms to small businesses – from complex data integration to cutting-edge advanced analytics, from personalization to Big Data.



Why Analytics is More Important Now than Ever

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WNS developed a solution to assess online visitor behavior and the effectiveness of the website. WNS’ insights..
WNS developed and deployed retention and acquisition marketing campaigns, which helped generate incremental sa..
WNS’ propensity-to-pay model helped optimize debt collection processes, which resulted in better recovery rate..



WNS Launches Enhanced Version of SocioSEER

First-of-its-kind Social Media Analytics Platform



The WNS Advantage

  • More than a decade of proven, core analytics experience with over 2,500 analytics professionals spread across 10 delivery centers
  • A trusted analytics partner to over 50 clients from banking, insurance, hospitality, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare providers, airlines and many more
  • Our Analytics Consulting and Incubation Group consults businesses, offers solutions for analytics problems, delivers proofs of concepts and helps set up operational elements during incubation
  • A R&D oriented Analytics Capability Group (ACG) with data scientists, Big Data specialists, data modelers, data infrastructure specialists and statisticians
    • WNS R-Labs: Builds solutions in R language (leveraging open source technology)
    • Embedded analytics: Focuses on developing customer-specific solutions for improving operational performance

  • Products and Advanced Analytics Solutions
    • WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM – a proprietary analytics solution framework that enables an organization to scale the analytical maturity curve
    • Proprietary digital customer experience management tool
    • Proprietary text mining / machine learning solutions
    • Big Data analytics solutions using virtualization for data integration

  • Talent Management
    • A customized career framework to address each individual data science talent
    • Mastermind Training Framework, a technical training program focusing on evolving technologies
" Since 2004, WNS has been working as a valuable strategic partner for Coca-Cola. They’ve invested time and resources to truly understand our business model . WNS service model offers a good balance between on-site senior consultants and an agile off-shore team. They provide us with an on tap set of resources capable of tackling many of our diverse needs in the Knowledge, Insights and Analytics spaces. Their expertise and dedication makes a true difference for our team. "
Carlos Jose Fonseca

Vice President, Global Knowledge & Insights, The Coca Cola Company

WNS named a ‘Star Performer’ in the 2017 Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ service provider assessment for Analytics Business Process Services (BPS).
Products and Services
WNS Brandttitude™               A state-of-the-art, cloud-based business intelligence self-serve analytics platform.                                                                                DEEP DIVE
Contact Center Analytics WNS' contact center analytics captures and analyzes customer interactions across multiple communication channels to drive actionable business insights.DEEP DIVE
Customer Experience Management ToolWNS' Customer Experience Management Tool is a real-time web application that improves the web experience of the visitor.DEEP DIVE
Social Media Analytics WNS’ social media analytics gathers intelligence on the enterprise, customer and competitors with respect to brand, products and services.DEEP DIVE
Embedded Process Intelligence Embedded Process Intelligence (ePI) is a method to understand the existing data from processes and work flows to create solutions and generate insights to improve business performance. DEEP DIVE
SocioSEER™A proprietary analytics platform that combines the power of advanced machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence to create true 'brand equity index'.DEEP DIVE
Ancillary Revenue Enhancement Engine Ancillary Revenue Enhancement Engine is an analytics-driven recommendation system that helps airlines increase ancillary sales.DEEP DIVE
WNS’ Customer Experience Analytics SuiteWNS’ Customer Experience Analytics suite for insurance companies is designed to transform customer experience. The solution addresses barriers to enhanced customer experience at every touch point across the customer journey, by focusing on customer-oriented and operational metrics. DEEP DIVE
Demand Response Analytics SuiteWNS’ Demand Response Analytics suite enables utilities to leverage predictive modeling to optimize energy procurement, maximize revenue and enhance marketing Return on Investments (RoI) for demand response initiatives.DEEP DIVE
WNS AgiliusWNS Agilius is an integrated and cloud-based data management and analytics platform that seamlessly combines deep domain knowledge, analytics and technology to drive actionable business intelligence. DEEP DIVE
WNS SkenseWNS Skense is an artificial intelligence-enabled data extraction and contextualization platform that mines structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable business insights.DEEP DIVE


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