The mortgage services business is prone to volatility in terms of volumes. Mortgage services companies are looking to staff optimally and handle this variation without increasing the fixed costs proportionally. All this has to be done while adhering to stringent regulatory controls and reducing costs through process consolidation and improvement.

WNS, with its deep domain expertise and strong mortgage analytics practice, enables clients to respond to rapidly-changing regulations across geographies while working with existing client technology platforms. We deliver comprehensive end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) support through our scalable centers across India, South Africa, the Philippines and the US that result in lower costs and improved risk management.

WNS deployed its technology solutions to automate the client’s processes, helping drive savings and incrementa..
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In addition to improving retention rate, WNS’ regression model helped save USD 200,000 in mailing costs, reduc..
WNS’ attrition propensity model helped identify those customers whose engagement with the bank was maturing an..

The WNS Advantage

Domain Experience

Our deep domain expertise in mortgage services is based on the delivery of end-to-end BPM services since 2005, supporting more than 3 million loan portfolios for various global clients

Regulatory Know-how

We have developed in-house tools like Zero Surprise Toolkit and Risk Watch Portals to ensure compliance. We have forged partnerships with Mortgage Bankers Association and BankersEdge to build domain expertise in the US mortgage operations and regulations.

Flexibility in Service Offerings

We provide multiple commercial models and customized solutions to support the cyclical Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry. Our delivery centers are spread across India, US, the Philippines and South Africa to meet the varying needs of BFS clients.

" I was very appreciative of the comments made by you and your team regarding our audit findings. This exchange has brought into focus areas where we need to provide better explanations and directions. Much discussion has resulted from our findings as well as your comments and questions. This renewed focus has caused us to revisit some existing policies and procedures. This introspective review has been a positive and healthy exercise for us. We thank you for your participation and patience as we work together to find logical and correct solutions to a myriad of questions. The perfection of this process may yet take some time as new questions and circumstances arise. "
- A leading commercial bank
A ‘Leader’ in NelsonHall’s 2020 NEAT vendor evaluation for Mortgage & Loan Services in ‘Support for New Digital Business Models’ market segment
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