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Co-creating Winning Outcomes with a
Digitally Integrated CX Model

WNS EXPIRIUS is a unique Customer Experience (CX) solution that integrates human-assisted design and domain expertise with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven conversational insights and CX consulting-led strategies to create a holistic digital customer experience.

Drive Proactive, Contextual & Intelligent Customer Interactions with WNS EXPIRIUS

Integrating Digital and Human Assistance into a Unique Customer Experience Solution

A Holistic Solution Comprising Key Microservices

EXPIRIUS ConverseEX enables businesses to design the right contact strategy – from messaging bots to conversational interfaces across channels – to intelligently act on customer intent in a human-like manner.

EXPIRIUS CloudServEX enables anytime, anywhere omni-channel contact center access – with on-demand scalability and business continuity guaranteeing a technology uptime of 99.5%.

EXPIRIUS AssistEX empowers contact center agents to drive meaningful interactions with customers through real-time guidance, improving brand experience. It also optimizes agent effort by intelligently summarizing customer interactions.

EXPIRIUS TranslateEX provides instant support across all languages on digital channels via real-time language translation, supported by human curation to deliver native speaker proficiency.


EXPIRIUS EngageEX leverages a compendium of best-in-class practices for operational oversight delivered through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered business performance dashboards and intelligent workforce management supporting agile delivery models.

EXPIRIUS RemoteEX strengthens the remote work environment beyond data and workstation security by leveraging AI and analytics for operational oversight, security and compliance.

EXPIRIUS ElevateEX provides a single source of truth through intelligent conversation mining across channels, Voice of Customer (VOC) analytics and custom predictive models – enabling faster decision-making for Customer Experience Officers (CXOs).

EXPIRIUS JourneyEX leverages customer touchpoints (across self-service and assisted service channels) to hyper-personalize journeys in real-time, derive actionable insights, and tailor an optimum contact strategy for a true omni-channel customer experience.


Value Proposition

While enabling brand differentiation through improved CX, WNS EXPIRIUS drives measurable outcomes.


Meeting Business Imperatives in the New Normal

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Stevie® Awards for Customer Service Excellence


‘Leader’ in NelsonHall’s NEAT for CX Services in Energy & Utilities


‘Ranked #1’ in HFS’ Top 10 for Travel, Hospitality and Logistics


‘Leader’ in NelsonHall’s NEAT for Customer Experience (CX) Services in Travel, Transport and Hospitality

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