Co-creating Winning Outcomes Through Human-assisted Integrated Digital CX

Customer Experience (CX), undoubtedly, has become the new battleground for companies as they seek greater business value and enhanced outcomes. The importance of understanding and predicting customer behaviors, and leveraging digital to create superior and integrated experiences cannot be overemphasized. The push for digitalization has gained further momentum in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies look beyond traditional customer service delivery models to extend their digital footprint through self-service and assisted channels. This will be important as brands strive to regain customer trust, in a changed world, with a greater degree of responsiveness and empathy. Also paramount is to find effective ways of proactively engaging with customers at the right time and on their preferred channels.

At WNS, we empower and engineer CX journeys for the world’s largest and most innovative companies through our ‘Customer-first’ ethos and our ability to co-create.


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Drive Proactive, Contextual & Intelligent Interactions with WNS EXPIRIUS

Drive Proactive, Contextual & Intelligent Interactions with WNS EXPIRIUS


WNS EXPIRIUS, our Digitally Integrated CX Service Model, leverages a human-assisted design to ensure that digital (technology and analytics) is at our core to simplify processes across domains, deliver superior business outcomes and build customer trust.

We focus on co-creating winning outcomes through our deep domain industry expertise, best-of-breed technology and analytics solutions, strong talent pool and proven Centers of Excellence (COEs) powered by CX Consulting.

The WNS EXPIRIUS Value Proposition

While enabling brand differentiation through improved customer experience, WNS EXPIRIUS drives measurable business outcomes, including:

  • 30-50% reduced cost of ownership
  • 10-15% improvement in customer advocacy
  • 20-25% incremental yield per customer across channels
  • 3-5X payback on digital solutions

"Thank you for everything you have been doing for Avon."

Robert Smith
Head, Contact Center Operations,

Managed business continuity for 1600+ agents across two countries & seven delivery centers
WNS leveraged speech analytics for 4X revenue improvement & automation for 30%+ productivity enhancement
WNS partnered with the client to adopt a consultative-led approach to contact elimination & deflection

Advantages of WNS EXPIRIUS

Strategic Flexibility and Scalability

We customize the scale of the engagement according to our client needs. More than 15,000 CX specialists deliver end-to-end support for 60+ global clients. We offer an optimal mix of global delivery locations (offshore, nearshore and onshore) along with multi-lingual capabilities, integrated domain knowledge and contact center expertise to help enhance process efficiency, communication and CX.

We provide innovative commercial models to drive an outcome-centric focus in our client engagements. We aim to reduce the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ through levers across digital, domain and delivery during the deal tenure. These levers unlock the larger business outcomes and enable non-linear growth for our clients.

Effective Business Continuity Solutions

We have built our CX Service Practice to be robust, reliable and sustainable – powering through the most difficult of circumstances to provide our clients with customized solutions and winning outcomes. Our business continuity-led Work-at-Home Agent (WAHA) model is backed by strong risk management and information security frameworks for frictionless and secure process execution. Our digital channels and capabilities have appropriate scale and stability to handle any crisis situation.

End-to-End Collaborative Partner

Our partnership aims to build a collaborative ecosystem, which combines our client’s vision and strategy with our deep industry domain knowledge and digital solutions, to co-create innovative and transformational solutions. We operate across the world providing ‘One-service Standard’ with end-to-end ownership of your business outcomes. This ensures that our clients have ready access to our best practices, knowledge base and assets across different geographies.

"Client commitment from WNS in this crisis has been amazing. Manila has been shut down and they have already implemented "Work-from-Home" program for our call center last week – way ahead of the game. They have the largest portfolio of Travel industry contact centers all around the world and have been doing an amazing job during the crisis to support travelers and keep the travel ecosystem breathing."
Yatin Patel, Co-founder & CEO,
WNS Ranked #1 across “Voice of Customer” in HFS’ Top 10 Front Office Customer Engagement Operations Services 2019
"We have really appreciated the partnership approach, the ability to flex and adapt as we’ve learned. We have adjusted and collectively worked very closely on a model that we believe derives the best benefit for our customers and us as an organisation. It has been a real collaboration, a real willingness to invest on both parts, and adapt the model. Our relationship goes beyond our contractual agreement, in fact, we have not referred back to the contract, and our approach has been more of a joint venture with a willingness to adapt our business and operating models to drive the best performance. It feels like WNS has learned our business, and we have worked together to drive a successful partnership. As a result, we have seen improved levels of performance and efficiency, and we have been able to move quicker to market on certain things."
Robert Kerr, Customer Service Director, Total Gas & Power, U.K.
A “Major Contender” in Everest Group’s Contact Center – Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2019
Ranked as a “Leader” by NelsonHall in Business Process Transformation, Digital Customer Experience 2018


The Digital Stack (Technology and Analytics)

We offer a comprehensive suite of digital and analytics solutions to eliminate, deflect, route and optimize customer communication across channels. Our suite comprises:

  • (Eliminate) Self-service and conversational solutions for an automated experience

  • (Deflect) Omni-channel agent support through platforms and channels for an assisted experience

  • (Route) Workforce optimization solutions for real-time language translation, performance management and talent engagement

  • (Optimize) Cross-channel analytics solutions for real-time actionable insights


Deep Domain Expertise

We have built industry-contextualized COEs for Sales, Assisted Digital Channels (for e.g. chat, social and asynchronous messaging), Fulfillment and Collections, based on a comprehensive Process Maturity Model framework.

CX Consulting

Basis our comprehensive assessment of the CX landscape, we assist our clients in conceptualizing best-of-breed CX strategies through various levers across customer journeys.

One-service Standard

We drive standardized service delivery through our ‘OPEX’ framework, which aims at benchmarking clients’ processes against industry standards across key functions such as hiring, training, operations, quality and workforce management.

"You guys have been fantastic in supporting EnergyAustralia."

Steve Corden
Outsource Operations Leader,




  • COEs: Sales (sales, up-sell or cross-sell), fulfillment (transaction processing, customer retention), assisted digital channels and collections (early stage, late stage, skip tracing)

  • Journey Orchestration (deflection to digital channels)

  • CX Consulting

  • Digital Content Management: Digital merchandizing and marketing

  • Automated Customer Experience Management (cognitive bots, QA automation, e-mail automation, desktop automation)

  • As-a-Service Models (text analytics, speech analytics, quality, training, workforce management and loyalty)



  • Traditional Channels: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice, e-mail, short messaging service

  • Assisted Digital Channels: Chat, social media, (traditional sites such as Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and review sites), digital engagement (mobile, web), asynchronous messaging



  • We provide support in English globally

  • Additionally, we offer support in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic and Afrikaans along with 20+ key regional languages across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America regions


Augmented Visual ResolutionThis is a unique offering that provides comprehensive remote customer support through real-time interactive videos. The offering achieves a wide range of business benefits through the right outcomes in customer experience, simplified processes and cost advantages.




WNS WinBot: Cognitive Automation SolutionThis is a cognitive bot, powered by cloud and intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, that provides robust self-service capabilities, automated interactions, and a self-learning knowledge base.

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