This is our story of leveraging WNS ExpiriUS Logo  , our digitally integrated Customer Experience (CX) solution, and the Sales Center of Excellence (CoE) framework to co-create and deploy an analytics model for a leading digital native company.

As we know…

The hi-tech industry today is characterized by changing customer expectations, constant innovation and increasing competition. In fact, optimizing CX, according to the WNS-Corinium Intelligence 2021 global survey, has emerged as the top digital transformation agenda for businesses today. But capturing the mindshare of existing customers in order to improve loyalty and increase wallet share requires a focused strategy underpinned by advanced analytics. Predictive analytics and Machine Learning (ML), leveraging a meticulous, data-driven approach, help companies transform their customer engagement, and improve cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

The challenge for a digital native company was…

Leads generated from its online advertising program were prioritized manually by the in-house sales team. This was a laborious and time-consuming process with each employee managing hundreds of advertisers. As a result, the company often missed out on timely interventions to improve engagement with existing clients. Moreover, the turnaround time to earn additional revenues was high even as employee productivity was adversely impacted.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

WNS tapped into its data-to-insights expertise, and extensive experience of co-creating CX and sales solutions with leading enterprises. We leveraged WNS EXPIRIUS, our proprietary digitally integrated CX model, to develop a customized solution. We deployed EXPIRIUS ElevateEX, a key microservice of WNS EXPIRIUS and an integrated analytics-as-a-service platform, to build a predictive analytics and ML led model.

This model helped the digital native company accurately categorize the leads as ‘hot,’ ‘warm’ and ‘cold.’ Leads recognized as ‘hot’ had the highest probability of conversion. This enabled the sales team to focus on high-quality leads and take steps to nurture them.

The solution entailed:

  • A real-time analytical dashboard for effective monitoring and analysis

  • A pilot program to:

    • Validate the efficacy of the model in real-time scenarios; continuous and rigorous feedback cycles, and iterations in algorithms further augmented the model

In order to integrate this model into the existing sales lifecycle, we leveraged our proprietary Sales CoE, a framework built on the ‘sales through service’ approach. This framework, underpinned by smart tools and techniques, enabled the digital native company to empower its sales team through a combination of training, incentivization, monitoring and continuous learning.

The outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

WNS’ predictive analytics model helped the digital native company glean actionable insights for improved customer engagement. Our solution enabled the company to build a strong sales culture and maximize revenue. Other key benefits include:

  • ~38 percent improvement in conversion of potential leads

  • 15 percentimprovement in time to conversion

  • ~30 percent faster revenue realization

  • 6 percent increase in advertiser spend quarter-on-quarter

The success of this model has compelled the digital native company to explore the implementation of similar WNS solutions for other geographies and lines of business.

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