This is our story of leveraging WNS ExpiriUS Logo, our digitally integrated customer experience service model, to co-create a solution with Insyt, a leading provider of promotional solutions that delivers successful bespoke campaigns using intelligent data.

As we know…

Customer Experience (CX) is key to ensuring loyalty and retention. Today’s customers have multiple touchpoints such as Web, mobile, chat, e-mail and voice calls. Agile and scalable solutions that blend analytics and intelligent automation with human intelligence enable companies to offer seamless CX across channels.

Insyt was looking for…

A scalable and flexible cloud solution that could offer uninterrupted support to end-customers of diverse clients with respect to promotional offers. Insyt’s promotional solutions cater to the unique requirements of clients from various industries.

Each campaign, conceptualized and driven by Insyt leveraging smart data, is complex in terms of languages, channels, operational hours and customer demand. It was crucial for these bespoke campaigns to be up and running with minimal lead time, even while addressing complex requirements.

As a company committed to creating memorable, impactful and commercially successful promotions, Insyt was focused on delivering superior CX to end-customers across industries and channels. Insyt partnered with WNS to co-create a robust, agile, scalable and cost-effective contact center solution that would offer uninterrupted customer support across channels and time zones.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

WNS tapped into its in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of co-creating digital CX solutions for leading companies across multiple industries. We leveraged WNS ExpiriUS Logo, our proprietary digitally integrated CX service model, to deploy a cloud contact center solution underpinned by omni-channel support, analytics and intelligent automation. It also entailed:

  • Setting up the solution within a short span of time for ‘anytime, anywhere’ service while addressing business continuity requirements

  • Deploying intelligent automation to reduce customer efforts

  • Building and integrating complex workflows and routing to support multiple mailboxes, toll-free numbers and languages through a shared services setup

  • Enabling each agent to offer quick and complete resolution through a single omni-channel interface

The outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

Insyt was able to eliminate queues / wait time, while improving customer engagement. Powered by cloud and intelligent automation, the company is now seamlessly managing diverse and complex campaigns without disruptions in end-customer support.

Other significant benefits include:

  • ~33 percent reduction in operational costs (in addition to labor arbitrage)

  • Consistent Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores in the range of ~95 percent

  • 99 percent uptime for cloud services

The shorter lead times for deploying and supporting campaigns in multiple languages has augmented Insyt’s business, and created opportunities to expand into newer geographies.

Tackling a Global Storm with Resilience…

When global lock-downs began during the early stages of the pandemic, the cloud setup enabled by WNS ExpiriUS Logo allowed Insyt to switch to a work-from-home model within hours. Stringent risk and information security measures ensured effective remote working without compromising on the security aspects. The Insyt-WNS partnership led to seamless delivery of services without disruption despite delivery of services without disruption despite the crisis.

Client Testimonial

WNS ExpiriUS Logo has truly been a game-changer in helping us implement a customer-centric solution powered by an omni-channel cloud platform with support across multiple languages. We were able to reach the desired levels of business continuity and on-demand flexibility to support our dynamic campaign needs with minimal lead time. The transition to work-from-home was seamless without any disruption in services.
– Katherine Caswell, Managing Director, Insyt

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