As the client looked to address this gap, the two immediate challenges it faced included:

  • Leveraging a dedicated sales channel for small and very small customers and creating an additional revenue stream

  • Establishing a robust 'sales support system' that would navigate language barriers, align organizational goals and policies, and reinforce the regional direct sales force

Here’s what we co-created as a solution

Leveraging TraVRev, the revenue enhancement pillar of WNS Travogue (our suite of digital solutions and services for the travel and leisure sector), we established an ‘Inside’ sales process to facilitate direct sales and provide sales support to the client's regional sales force. Key aspects of the solution included:

Direct Sales

  • Establishing direct sales teams at strategic client locations

  • Servicing the client's multi-lingual and multi-cultural customers across three locations in Europe and Asia

  • Identifying potential customers through analysis of behavioral patterns spanning product purchase and usage history

  • Reviewing contracts nearing renewal to identify probable opportunities of upgrading and cross-selling / upselling of services

  • Identifying existing services offered without correlative contracts and offering contractually-bound services to customers to book business on the sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Factoring revised contract tenures and service usage trends into the process of pricing and proposal creation

  • Implementing a centralized governance and reporting process to monitor and manage the sales progress for all the direct sales locations

Overall, the sales Total Contract Value (TCV) was maximized by effectively managing sales campaigns.

Sales Support

  • Prioritizing focus areas and creating training modules with regional customizations

  • Providing support in the areas of pricing proposal, contract creation, opportunity management on sales CRM and customer engagement

  • Developing and implementing a central governance plan for multi-cultural employees at different locations

  • Deploying dashboards, trackers, internal reviews, analysis reports and service incentive schemes to record and manage transactions, track opportunities and leads, and attain deal closures

The outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

  • More than USD 350 Million in TCV closed

  • 7000 sales opportunities identified

  • 216 percent increase in TCV, with 57 percent cost reduction

  • Low-cost sales channel created for lower-tier customers to turn them into high-value customers

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