The car rental industry is experiencing a boost with the rise in leisure and business travel, increasing income levels and expansion of the airline industry into new sectors. The ‘on-airport’ segment is poised for the biggest gains as air connectivity improves across smaller cities around the world. However, to maximize the opportunities, car rental companies need to look beyond the conventional, and embrace new technologies and revenue models.

Customers today expect car rental companies to offer them a seamless experience across various channels and a secure environment in which their personal data is well protected. Digital technologies offer car rental companies plenty of opportunities to understand customer behavior and offer them personalized, value-added services. However, to do this, car rental companies need experienced partners with the right expertise.

WNS, with deep knowledge and experience in the travel industry, equipped with effective Business Process Management (BPM) solutions offers car rental companies the right technology platforms, business processes and analytics support to grow their business. WNS travel solutions are geared toward building strong customer relationships and operational efficiency through continuous process improvement, an integrated technology architecture, optimization of social media channels and real-time analytics support.

The WNS Advantage

The genesis of WNS lies in the travel industry, having begun as a captive of British Airways in 1996. Our travel domain expertise puts us in a vantage position, ensuring that we speak the language of our clients. Our familiarity with the travel industry helps us deliver solutions that are aligned to the changing needs of our clients, thereby making a strong, positive impact on their business.

Comprehensive Service Offering

WNS leverages its deep domain knowledge and expertise in the travel industry to create solutions for the car rental sector. The growing spectrum of BPM services for car rental companies covers front office, middle office and back office solutions. WNS is the top choice for our clients because we provide a one-stop solution for their existing and emerging requirements.

Center of Excellence

The WNS Center of Excellence (CoE) for the travel industry is a demonstration of our commitment to create high impact, client-centric solutions. Our Travel CoE brings together the best of our capabilities — domain expertise, proven methodologies and frameworks, and transformational solutions. Our Travel CoE has a strong track record of impacting clients’ businesses through solutions built specifically for their needs.

Technology Solutions

The unique advantage of the WNS technology suite is its ability to seamlessly introduce industry-specific, new-age solutions to a client’s existing technology environment, without causing any business or operational disruptions. Our solutions are a perfect blend of industry knowledge with technology expertise. These proprietary, bolt-on tools are combined with embedded analytics, automation and a web-based ‘on demand’ infrastructure that meet the business needs of our clients.

Flexible and Innovative Commercial Models

WNS believes in being flexible in the way a commercial engagement with a client is structured and run. Our flexible, innovative approach takes into account the business needs of our clients and the level of process maturity displayed. Our customized commercial models accommodate new, creative ideas in managing scope, pricing, scale and risk-sharing.

Client-centric Engagement Model

WNS prides itself on placing clients at the heart of the engagement, and adopting client-centricity as a guiding principle to build and operate an engagement. Our client-centric philosophy is visible in the way we achieve cultural and strategic alignment with our client’s enterprise.

Analytics and Big Data

The huge amount of data that car rental companies have at their disposal has the potential to create immense business impact. Data from digital and offline channels, and social media sites can unlock valuable insights on the market, customer behavior or internal operations. WNS harnesses and analyzes data from structured and unstructured sources, and provides analytical insights to help car rental companies improve their decision-making capabilities.

"Industry expertise was the key. We wanted to ensure we chose a provider that understood the complexities of our business. WNS' knowledge was comprehensive and its solutions flexible. They could talk the talk."
Jeremy Carrington

Head of Procurement, Virgin Atlantic

Best 5 Companies Awarded by Industry focus: Air Transportation — IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 — 2014


Front Office

    • Reservations/Sales
    • Customer Interaction Services
    • Loyalty Program Management

Middle Office

    • Fulfilment

Back Office

    • Finance and Accounting
    • Revenue Accounting
    • Human Resource Management
    • Procurement
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