This is our story of co-creating a solution with a leading global airline group of companies


As we know…

In the extremely competitive airline industry, accurate passenger revenue recognition is crucial to stay ahead. Amidst an ever-changing business landscape that is sensitive to all kinds of triggers such as economic downturns, security incidents, or trade wars, timely reports with actionable intelligence are key to drive dynamic pricing decisions. Yet, as airlines spread their wings and grow across geographies, they tend to evolve adhoc processes and systems to deal with unique localized challenges. Such non-standardized processes, especially when they relate to the complicated transactions of digital ticketing, upgrades, cancellations, reimbursements, codeshares and interline agreements, make calculating revenue streams extremely challenging. To bring in greater efficiencies and grow effectively, airlines need to standardize and harmonize their business processes and systems across regions with the right tools and partnership.

The challenge for the airline group was…

It had a unique organization structure that brought together under one roof multiple airlines operating in different geographies. These individual airlines with unique business dynamics, and operating under diverse requirements and procedures managed their own Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) functions.

To deal with the growing demands of the industry and the marketplace, the airline group recognized the need to streamline and transform key areas of the business through modernization and digitalization, with harmonized and optimized processes across the group. The scope of the client's operations, that included over 20 million outward and inward billing transactions and 800+ interline agreements across diverse geographic locations, made the task of consolidation quite a challenge. The success of the project depended on working together with a truly consultative business process transformation partner who knew the business inside out.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

WNS leveraged its deep domain expertise in the airline industry to understand the client’s unique challenges to build a comprehensive solution.

Using the Agile model, a fully mitigated transition approach utilizing WNS’ proprietary methodology EnABLE, and a three-tier governance structure, we enabled the client to move from business- and country-specific operations to standardized processes. Further, using WNS’ proprietary transformation toolkits, we benchmarked these processes and moved them up along the maturity curve.

The future-ready consolidated PRA ecosystem we co-created had multiple aspects and dimensions including:

  • PRA Center of Excellence (CoE): Leveraging our deep domain knowledge in the PRA space, the CoE has 1,000+ experts with experience on multiple PRA systems

  • Renewed Operating Model: A flexible and scalable three-tier Global Business Services (GBS) operating model provided a simplified global view for the client. A dedicated change management expert assisted the airline group in the organizational change

  • Transformation Model: WNS' proprietary audit tool, Verifare Plus 3.0SM, and analytics-powered interline audit tool, SmartProSM, combined with other business intelligence tools helped in seamless transformation, and the rollout of a case management and transition portal

Our learnings and outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

That standardized and harmonized processes and systems across geographies bring in higher efficiencies, and enable a streamlined PRA function.

The seamless implementation of the project and unparalleled ongoing service delivery has helped the WNS-airline group partnership outperform through:

  • 30 percent productivity increase over the contract term

  • Establishment of an innovation fund to enable a continuous transformation ecosystem

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