As we know ...

Airlines have access to enormous amounts of data from multiple sources, including customers, online travel agencies and third-parties. However, the key challenge for airlines is in synthesizing this data using the right analytical tools to generate actionable insights in real-time. These insights help identify potential revenue improvement opportunities across key business functions such as sales and distribution, and revenue management.

The challenge for a leading airline was...

Its performance was dipping across key sectors in a specific region. The airline was unable to identify the problem areas that were impacting its potential to improve revenue and increase market share.

Here’s what we deployed as a solution…

WNS deployed its proprietary Commercial Planning Suite (CPS) to provide an end-to-end solution to the airline’s challenges. CPS is a cloud-based platform, which creates an integrated view across key commercial areas, enables trend analysis and root cause analysis, and generates actionable insights.

CPS has been built on the foundation of a data infrastructure platform and leverages a variety of decision-support solutions, data visualization and analytical tools.

Advanced analytics was applied to the data sources to generate intuitive dashboards across passenger and ancillary revenue streams, and offer insights on:

  • Performance of key agents across competition to ensure fair share

  • Distribution mix to identify opportunities and enhance revenue

  • Traffic mix and identification of gaps when benchmarked with competition

CPS Differentiators

  • Analyzes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across flights, sectors, routes, and Origin and Destination (O&D)

  • Analyzes class-mix and its implications on revenue generation

  • Views and analyzes the performance of codeshare and interline partners at various levels of aggregation to identify opportunities and gaps

  • Delivers insights into the distribution channel mix and opportunities to optimize the same

  • Understands partner performance and its impact on the overall revenue

  • Analyzes the performance of alliance partners across key revenue parameters; offers insights into productivity and pricing, which in turn allows for revenue enhancing opportunities and negotiation of agreements

  • Identifies opportunities to re-negotiate key elements such as pricing, Special Prorate Agreements (SPAs) and availability with partner carriers

  • Enables periodic review of SPAs and Multilateral Proration Agreements (MPAs) to maintain competitiveness and ensure that agreements continue to be mutually beneficial to all parties

The co-created outcomes from the deployment of CPS are…

The insights generated by CPS enabled better performance-related communication between the airline’s sales team and trade partners, paving the way for increasing market share. Other key benefits delivered include:

  • ~20 percent improvement in team productivity as the time taken for the entire process of insight generation was reduced significantly

  • Identification of 7-10 percent revenue improvement opportunity in O&D demand

  • Identification of 5-10 percent improvement opportunity in ancillary revenues by analyzing key contributors, trends and marketing opportunities

  • Identification of 2-3 percent improvement opportunity in quality of revenue by ensuring an optimal class-mix in ticket pricing

About CPS

CPS is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art, decision-support platform that harmonizes data for various commercial functions from disparate sources. The platform adopts an integrated approach to drive higher revenue and efficiency. Its cloud-based big data repository of revenue, cost of sales and related information enable quick and high-impact decision-making. CPS can be accessed across geographies on multiple devices.

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