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Supplier Portal

Standard Supplier Portal: Build Strong Supplier Relationships and Create Bottom-Line Impact

Manual procurement and supplier communication processes increase inefficiencies and cycle time when stakeholders expect to operate at warp speeds in today’s digital world. Efficient supplier management is pivotal to ensuring adequate visibility into operations, improving supplier collaboration and performance, enhancing compliance and mitigating risks.

WNS’ Standard Supplier Portal is a supplier self-service portal that enables efficient online exchange and flow of supplier communications. The scalable solution focuses on your requirements and adapts to your business needs to improve communication and customer service. Integrated with your native ERP system, this supplier management portal helps automate your entire purchase-to-pay process, including communications with both large and small suppliers, increasing transparency, efficiency and collaboration.

Key Features

The portal provides suppliers with an online self-service account through which they can proactively:

  • View and place requests for vendor master data change. Once the change request is approved, the changes are reflected in the system and a notification is posted on the portal for easy access and retrieval by suppliers
  • View real-time status updates such as invoice processing status (pending approval, approved or paid) and scheduled payment status

Key Benefits

  • Enables efficient invoice lifecycle management for better outcomes
  • Improves data management by enabling suppliers to easily review and request master data changes, resulting in superior supplier satisfaction
  • Reduces operational expenses, including costs associated with transfer of physical documents such as invoices, master data change forms, etc., for increased bottom-line impact
  • Improves visibility and transparency of supplier operations for seamless supplier communication and collaboration

Leading multi-national e-commerce company leverages WNS’ Supplier portal to improve supply chain performance and reduce operational expenses

Domain Expertise

Scope of Engagement

  • Self-service portal for suppliers to view purchase orders, invoices and their status, submit queries, and free text invoices
  • Quick and seamless supplier communications, query resolution and master data management
  • Electronic process for invoice submission and tracking to reduce the lead time for invoice processing
Domain Expertise

Business Benefits

  • Better supplier enablement by automating routine supply chain execution transactions such as purchase orders, invoices and credit notes
  • Enhanced and faster supplier collaboration and communication resulting in reduced supplier queries by up to 60 percent. Reduced average query handling time by up to 50 percent and increased overall contract compliance by ~10 percent
  • Improved data management and transparency by enabling suppliers to request and review master data changes
  • Reduced operational expenses, including costs associated with transfer of physical documents such as POs, vendor messages, remittances and more