With the Internet redefining how entertainment and content are produced, distributed, and consumed, maximizing the profitability and performance of content has become more important than before. Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies need to leverage analytics to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer preferences and create omni-channel consumer experiences. Analytics also enhances the ROI on media assets, optimizes digital asset management and improves the efficiency of developing and delivering advertising content. Building analytical capabilities to access the right data sources and consolidate them to glean relevant insights can be challenging for many organizations.

WNS’ smart strategy solutions enable companies to target consumers more effectively to achieve higher sales, optimize marketing spends and develop effective market-entry strategies. We enable our clients to make informed decisions based on business insights that we derive from customer data.

The WNS Advantage

Our vertical approach with a large team of domain experts and our award-winning proprietary analytics platform, WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM, form the core of WNS’ smart strategy solutions. Our research and analytics capabilities are embedded in the areas of strategic planning, financial planning, operations, sales, marketing, supply chain and distribution.

Domain Expertise: We engage extensively with leading global thought leaders in the M&E industry (education and learning, publishing information services, new media, advertisement and gaming segments). Additionally, our team of proficient domain technology specialists makes us an acknowledged name in the industry.

Analytical Strength: Our smart strategy solutions address the gamut of our media clients’ needs that includes broadcast performance analytics, ad inventory, sales planning, consumer analytics, social media and web analytics. Our offerings for digital media clients include query classification, deflction analysis, and web and text analysis. Our analytics applications cover the areas of catalog assortment, space planning, pricing and promotions, customer insights, store allocation and social CRM.

"WNS is our key strategic offshore partner; they managed to see off some formidable competition from a number of vendors over a nine-month long RFP process. They have gone above and beyond in supporting our different business lines, and we are delighted with them!"
Matthew Brooks

Head of Strategic Analysis & Product Development Business Monitor International

Aecus Innovation Award

  • Assessing Global Market Opportunities
  • Developing Consumer Understanding
  • Driving Process Innovation
  • Creating Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Brand Management
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