Rapidly changing markets and regulations, and constantly evolving competition and technology have driven manufacturers to transform their businesses to a great extent. While organizations work towards cost optimization, better demand planning and more customer-focused fulfilment and services, their long-term survival requires a more strategic approach to growth and innovation. Identifying future growth opportunities, with a keen understanding of current capabilities and market preferences, requires adept analytics expertise with deep domain understanding.

WNS’ smart analytics solutions enable manufacturers to convert data generated through process visibility and oversight into strategic insights. With our rich manufacturing and engineering experience, we bring context and domain expertise to questions of market opportunities, consumer understanding, process innovation, brand management as well as go-to-market strategies. Our proprietary WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM harnesses disparate data sources into a centralized, cloud-based analytics infrastructure, assisting manufacturing businesses to adopt a mature, fact-based approach to strategic decision-making.

The WNS Advantage

Analytics is deeply ingrained in the WNS culture, and is an intrinsic part of each project team. Moving beyond the purview of data management and analytical tools, WNS addresses the challenges manufacturers face in deriving valuable insights from large volumes of data. From domain-focused analytical models to proprietary tools that enable reuse of research data, WNS can enable companies to achieve maximum return on analytics investments.

Domain Expertise: We have experienced resources across multiple locations with proven expertise in manufacturing and analytics. Our domain experts combine their knowledge with our technology and analytics capability to offer revenue generation and cost reduction opportunities. Our strong R&D focus is evidenced by the Analytics Capability Group consisting of data scientists, big data specialists, data modelers and statisticians that work on cutting-edge open source and embedded analytics solutions.

Analytical Solutions: Our analytics offerings are backed by well-designed proprietary tools and frameworks that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of analytics projects. WADESM, our proprietary analytics solution framework, allows organizations to access mature analytics infrastructure and insights. Our other tools support analytics projects with digital customer experience management, text mining/machine learning and data integration.

" Stock and WNS have been partners during a period of growth and change in both our company and our industry. During our five year relationship, WNS has matured into a critical contributor to, and an integral part of, Stock’s success. Even more importantly, we look forward to their continuing partnership in Stock’s realization of a very exciting future. By leveraging the capabilities of the WNS team, Stock has realized not only significant cost savings, but continuing process improvement. WNS has embraced the Stock culture and its values, and in doing so they perform as dedicated members of the team – 100% focused on improving processes and providing an excellent product. We value our partnership with WNS. "
Donna Thagard

Vice President, Corporate Controller, Finance, Stock Building Supply

A ‘Leader’ in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Finance and Accounting BPO Services Vendor Assessment – 2015

  • Assessing Global Market Opportunities
  • Developing Consumer Understanding
  • Driving Process Innovation
  • Brand Building
  • Creating Go-to-Market Strategies
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