The rising need for energy has made demand response management a strategic priority for Energy & Utilities (E&U) companies. While this focus is partly driven by the stringent load reduction targets laid down by regulatory bodies; there’s also substantial economic incentive for E&U companies to invest in demand response management programs.

These programs can be successful only if customers are willing to participate in them. WNS’ Demand Response Analytics suite enables E&U companies realize a step-change shift in their customer engagement strategies. The suite leverages WNS’ analytics expertise and deep domain experience to offer actionable insights into granular customer segments.

Utilities can harness these insights to save on energy procurement costs, improve demand management and forecasting, and boost customers’ demand response program enrolments.

Enabling Efficient Demand Response Management at Scale

WNS’ Demand Response Analytics suite leverages predictive modeling to forecast short-term energy demands, recommend customized energy-saving schemes for higher customer adoption and assess price elasticities for individual customers as well as diverse customer segments.

The suite enables E&U companies to:

  • Generate quick, customized energy forecasts for several time horizons leading to improved procurement costs
  • Offer relevant demand response schemes based on customers’ consumption and behavioral data
  • Optimize pricing and scheme characteristics to maximize customer adoption

The WNS Advantage

  • Plug and play: System-agnostic APIs connect to E&U companies’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and metering systems, procurement processes and marketing automation platforms for data ingestion
  • Custom models: Full visibility into the underlying logic used for demand response management with predictive models tailored for different geographies, regulations and business objectives
  • Modular approach: Functionalities can be added / removed from the suite as requirements evolve
  • Platform agnostic development and implementation: Seamless integration with clients’ existing platforms. Complementary platforms provided wherever required



WNS' Demand Response Analytics suite can enable utilities achieve a forecasting accuracy of 94%

Key Features

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms for forecasts and mapping demand response incentives to relevant consumers
  • Consolidated view of energy forecasts, customers’ consumption patterns and scheme adoption rates
  • Well-trained machine learning algorithms to achieve desired business objectives

Key Benefits

  • Improved procurement of energy and maintenance of assets by:
    • Optimizing procurement in the energy spot market
    • Predicting energy consumption patterns for dynamic scaling of operations
  • Revenue maximization through:
    • Accurate price elasticity analysis
    • Optimized pricing corridors of proposed schemes
  • Enhanced marketing RoI for demand response initiatives through accurate scheme targeting and customer selection
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