To respond to the increasing business pressure on ROI, marketers have to leverage new operating models to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing spends, and improve ROI.

Join WNS and Universal Studios on a discussion to learn how new-age marketers are leveraging actionable insights to improve marketing effectiveness and enhance ROI. In this webcast, you will hear about real life examples of how your peer companies have leveraged research and analytics outsourcing to make business decisions based on data rather than intuition alone.

Mike DuBoise, Senior Vice President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, will speak about how Universal Studios optimized their inventory and improved sales by leveraging research and analytics.

Jay Venkateswaran, Senior Vice President of WNS, a leading Research and Analytics services provider, will describe the various operating models that companies can use to answer key business questions such as -

  • What truly does the pricing power of my product in the marketplace mean?
  • When will a price reduction in a premium product undercut the position of other products in my portfolio?
  • When a competitor drops his price, should I react? If yes, by how much? What is the optimal price-volume tradeoff?
  • What are the tradeoffs that consumers make in deciding package size and price per ounce? How is that tradeoff impacted by where the product or service is consumed?
  • What should be my promotions or discounting strategy? What kind of a lift will it give my sales? Will it damage my brand position?


  • Mike DuBoise,

    Senior Vice President, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

  • Jay Venkateswaran,

    Senior Vice President, WNS Research and Analytics Services

Mike DuBoise, Senior Vice President, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Mike DuBoise is responsible for the strategic direction of USHE's Category Management & Customer Marketing organization, including the development and implementation of category and customer management best practices, processes, and standards across the company. In this capacity, Mr. DuBoise oversees Universal's category initiatives involving major retail partners, such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and others, ensuring that the category is effectively marketed and merchandised, and consumer's needs served through the right combination of product selection, stores, quantities, and promotional support . Additionally, he is directly responsible for the development of shopper-centric "go-to-market" solutions, including Shopper Insights, Category Strategy & Plan Development, Efficient Assortment, Customer Business Planning, In Store Experience, and Shopper Marketing. He has been a driving force in developing solutions that combine advanced analytics, business insights, and work process redesign to build USHE capabilities, enhance the movie shopping experience and deliver profitable results. Mr. DuBoise has 21 years of consumer packaged goods experience focused in sales, category management, and trade marketing.

Jay Venkateswaran, Senior Vice President of WNS

Jay leads the WNS Research and Analytics practice in North America. He is responsible for crafting and implementing WNS’s vision and also leading the sales efforts in the Research and Analytics space. Based in New York, Jay has spent over five years at WNS in a variety of operational and corporate roles, including program and account management, corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Prior to WNS, Jay spent over six years as a management consultant working for A.T. Kearney in India and South East Asia, where his focus was on corporate strategy, market entry and operations improvement.

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