Strategy, speed and scale came together as we set about accomplishing this mission in three purposeful stages. In stage one, our special task forces swung into action, forming remote and Work-from-Home (WFH) teams, and moving computers and laptops in record time. In stage two, we accelerated our velocity to reach the business-as-usual stage, without missing a beat. In the final stage, we aimed for outperformance.

  • Nearly 500 skilled employees moved to a WFH mode in record time

  • Our efficient digital communication platforms seamlessly blurred the lines between in-person and virtual engagement. A Virtual Private Network delivered easy access and seamless integration of the remote teams – with strict data security

  • From general enquiries to smart meter queries to tariff clarifications to complaints management and handling of customer variability, our teams offered unstinted support to customers even as lock-downs and restrictions were imposed across the globe

  • Insight-driven and hyper-personalized conversations helped address the concerns of customers, especially vulnerable consumers, with empathy. Making all of this possible was our expert capabilities in the E&U domain, digital technologies, analytics and intelligent automation

  • Enveloping our efficiency was the protective cover of 100 percent security — safety for employees and meticulous information security — even in remote working environments

Agility, resilience and digital dexterity enabled steadfast support to nearly 1 million customers. As a result, the company’s Net Promoter Score registered significant improvement.

At WNS, this is what we do. We enable E&U companies to guarantee exceptional customer experience. They trust our domain, digital and analytics expertise — underpinned by operational excellence.

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COVID-19 and the resulting economic repercussions put the financial services market through the wringer, especially in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and debt and equity capital markets. For our client, a leading financial services company, this was crunch time. As a strategic partner supporting the company’s confidential M&A pitches and client relationship management database, WNS had previously never considered Work-from-Home (WFH) as an option

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