This is our story of co-creating a solution with a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company


As we know…

CPG companies frequently test new concepts and it is a crucial stage in the product-launch journey. Ideally, companies should be able to test various concepts dynamically and reduce the time-to-market.

The challenge for the CPG company was…

Lack of visibility into data from past tests while engaging in testing new concepts for a specific product category. The company had tested more than 3000 concepts and the results were scattered across different file formats. Due to the absence of a central repository, there were missed opportunities to learn from past tests on the kind of ideas that would work best in specific market clusters. A consolidated repository would also act as a reference point for verifying redundancies of all future concepts. The company partnered with WNS to streamline the process and build a robust digitized tool to host relevant data on all concepts tested.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

WNS built a visually interactive analytics tool to consolidate all concepts that had been tested for the specific category across all markets and sub-categories.The central database contained the benefits related to each concept, and included metrics on purchase intent, value and uniqueness of the survey data. This helped the testing teams to analyze and draw quick insights on what concepts worked well in different markets.

The digitized tool also enabled the testing teams to:

  • Conduct searches with multiple parameters such as testing year, country, brand and category. The tool could be used for simple as well as complex searches, including words within a concept

  • Analyze the success rate of the concepts and the drivers leading to the success over a period of time

The outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

The analytics-backed digitized tool enabled the CPG company to gain superior advantage in terms of concept-testing efficiencies. It also helped the client:

  • Save more than USD 1 Million in the first year alone by eliminating re-testing of concepts

  • Save time due to ease of accessing past reports

  • Check whether new ideas were unique or had already been tested

Following the success of this engagement, the client is considering deploying the same solution for other product categories as well.


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