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A unified view of the data across categories, brands and markets, and the ability to leverage this data give Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies a competitive edge. However, spreadsheets and most Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools cannot help analyze complex and disparate data effectively, and lack the predictive analytics capability. Hence, the right analytics platforms that can help process and leverage data efficiently can be a game-changer for businesses.

The challenge for a global CPG company was…

Its African region was a composite of 35+ markets and the company relied on spreadsheets and some traditional BI and visualization tools to glean insights for these markets. But the insights generated were not comprehensive and did not offer a single moment of truth for decision-making. Hence, consolidating the data in different formats and from various sources to generate valuable insights was a tedious and time-consuming activity.

The cost of deploying these tools was also high, as they required heavy investments in IT infrastructure and licensing fees. In short, the data was not serving its purpose of providing leverage to the business.

WNS deployed its proprietary, state-of-the-art, cloud-based analytics platform BrandttitudeTM to provide a one-stop-shop solution to the client’s challenges.

Here’s how we deployed BrandttitudeTM

The platform executes exploratory data analytics, predictive modeling and self-service analytics to deliver compelling metrics in diverse categories.

BrandttitudeTM was deployed, in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) form, on multiple data sources such as:

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BrandttitudeTM Differentiators

  • Provides a holistic view of brand / market / demographics across varied dimensions enabling accurate, real-time decision-making

  • Integrated data management platform that harmonizes the disparate data across 35+ markets and diverse data formats

  • Has a comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) library that can be customized and aligned to business goals

  • Ability to personalize content allowing users to quickly access relevant information and focus on their key result areas

  • Offers a 360-degree view of the competitive landscape through smart graphs and charts

  • Gauges the impact of uncontrolled variables (such as macroeconomic) on the performance KPIs

  • Benchmarks the performance of categories across and within markets

  • Has integrated predictive analytics capability to help in strategic decisions

The co-created outcomes from the deployment of BrandttitudeTM are…

From data capture to report generation, the entire process was automated. The processing time was reduced by 40 percent. As BrandttitudeTM has over 150 inbuilt KPIs for the CPG industry, the client was able to save on licensing fee for cleaning and visualizing the data separately.

Additionally, the platform enabled the CPG company to:

  • Identify key markets and the relevant categories to prioritize in the African region

  • Access insights on-the-go using any device

  • Get a unified view across markets at any point in time for effective decision-making

  • Have an integrated, curated and harmonized data store that acts as a good base for performing analytics

BrandttitudeTM now allows analysis up to the stock keeping unit level. The client no longer has to be selective about the data to be processed as the platform enables the entire volume of available data to be decoded with ease.

The predictive analytics feature of BrandttitudeTM is currently helping the CPG company develop new product launch strategies in emerging markets that have an unorganized retail sector using syndicated retail sales data and information from brand health studies.

About BrandttitudeTM

BrandttitudeTM is a unique analytics platform that executes exploratory data analytics, predictive modeling and self-service analytics to deliver compelling metrics in diverse categories. It provides accurate and actionable insights to decision-makers across various industries through a unified view of disparate data.

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