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Retail companies have to manage overwhelming amounts of data, which has now multiplied with the onset of digital channels. A wide variety of data gets generated from different sources and in varying formats. Capturing all this data is just one part of the challenge.

Retailers have to also make sense of this data to take time-sensitive decisions on campaigns, promotions and other aspects of sales. Most reporting tools cannot process such high volumes of data, and are time and effort-intensive.

The challenge for a global retail company was…

It had deployed an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool that was unable to efficiently process the vast amounts of data from various campaigns, its mobile application and over a million customers across geographies, every day. The tool also required heavy investments in IT infrastructure and licensing fees for analyzing and visualizing the data. Further, decision-makers and stakeholders were unable to access reports on-the-go.

WNS deployed its proprietary, big data analytics platform BrandttitudeTM to transform this massive volume of data into valuable insights, accessible on a real-time basis.

Here’s how we deployed BrandttitudeTM

The platform has big data Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools to manage high volumes of data. BrandttitudeTM was deployed, in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) form, on multiple data sources, including:

  • Point of sale

  • Campaigns

  • Mobile application

The platform is inbuilt with 150+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for retailers. It has a front-end interface that helps the client understand the data of its mobile application and campaign performance in real time.

Another key feature of the platform is that it enables customization of the data as per a client’s requirements. Hence, analyzing and visualizing the data requires no extra cost.

BrandttitudeTM Differentiators

  • Enables accurate, real-time decision-making by providing the marketing team a comprehensive view of campaign performance on the mobile application individually and in comparison to other active campaigns

  • Integrated data management platform that harmonizes disparate data across diverse channels and formats

  • Comprehensive KPI library that can be customized and aligned to business goals

  • Allows content personalization so that users can quickly access relevant information

  • Offers a 360-degree view of the competitive landscape through smart graphs and charts

  • Integrated predictive analytics capability to help in decision-making

  • Helps in understanding the performance of the mobile application where customers can check for promotional offers

  • Mobile-ready reporting platform that allows insights-on-the-go

The co-created outcomes from the deployment of BrandttitudeTM are

The retail company has been able to leverage its vast amounts of data effectively and gain more visibility into all siloed data sets.

More targeted campaigns are now designed by the client’s marketing team since the platform has the ability to determine the sales volume, customer behavior and engagement on its mobile application.

Using the halo effect concept, BrandttitudeTM helped the client identify cross-selling products and accordingly design effective digital campaigns as well.

The platform’s predictive analytics feature is now used to measure the impact of retail initiatives across multiple stores. It also helps in better sales forecasting for effective inventory management.

For instance, loyalty data from the mobile application, historical data from campaign performance and point of sale information are used to stock season-specific goods, thus creating an optimal inventory mix.

Other benefits include:

  • Reporting time reduced from a few days to just a few minutes

  • Easy access to insights for all decision-makers

  • An integrated, curated and harmonized data store for performing analytics

About BrandttitudeTM

BrandttitudeTM is a unique analytics platform that executes exploratory data analytics, predictive modeling and self-service analytics to deliver compelling metrics in diverse categories. It provides accurate and actionable insights to decision-makers across various industries through a unified view of disparate data.


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