As we know…

Travel Management Companies (TMC) constantly strive to improve working capital and cash flow while reducing costs. They must also manage risks through proactive measures that address market volatility and help maintain their market standing with robust audit control, compliance and reporting measures. Therefore, continuous transformation of the Finance and Accounting (F&A) function becomes crucial to deliver substantial business benefits.

The challenge for the client was...

It wanted to create significant business value by consolidating organizational design, bringing in systems thinking and an Agile framework, and establishing cross-functional collaboration to efficiently manage Service-level Agreements (SLA).

Stepping in as a co-creation partner…

WNS leveraged TravControl, the finance and risk management pillar of WNS TRAVOGUE (WNS’ suite of services and solutions for the travel and hospitality industry), to deliver the desired business value through six key levers, including:

  1. Organization design and consolidation: Implemented a shared service delivery model across seven processes, including Agency Debit Memo (ADM), Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), Commission, Airline Clearing House (AirCpr), Car Rental Operations (CarOps) and Frequent Flyer (FF) program
  2. Systems thinking and Agile: Focused on reducing customer and supplier complaints and driving exception management, process efficiency and productivity improvements
  3. Collaboration: Leveraged cross-functional collaboration across the Supplier Network Relations (SNR) team to effectively manage SLAs
  4. Automation: Automated ARC and BSP reconciliation processes, as well as the allocation of exception reports in the ARC process
  5. Value and efficiency: Improved efficiency through ADM research and the implementation of the BSP ticket reject process
  6. Continuous improvement: Adopted measures to improve the ADM process and targeted the cross-skilling of ARC and BSP agents

The solution enabled the TMC to achieve:

  • 100 percent SLA delivery
  • Recovery of USD 3 Million in ADM research in 2018; USD 3.18 Million (2019)
  • Annual recovery of USD 400K through the BSP ticket reject process
  • 8-12 percent improvement in average handling time of initial research follow-up in the ADM process
  • 5 percent Improvement in quality scores for the ADM process


WNS is a leading Business Process Management partner to more than 400+ global businesses, including 100+ Travel & Hospitality companies. Our clients in the travel and hospitality industry trust WNS TRAVOGUE for designing and executing their data and digital led business transformation journeys.

Built on more than two decades of experience working with clients from Airlines, Hospitality, OTA and TMC segments, the WNS TRAVOGUE suite of offerings brings together the best of industry expertise, data-to-insights prowess and digital innovation.

Across the value chain, we enable our clients to deliver delightful customer experiences with TravXP, drive operational excellence with TravOps, accelerate revenue growth with TravRev, devise accounting and risk management strategies for financial control with TravControl, achieve inclusive and sustainable growth with TravGreen and outperform the competition with growth-led strategies powered by TravConsult.

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