As we know…

Travel management companies constantly strive to improve customer experience and increase loyalty by personalizing the booking process, proactively engaging with customers and effectively handling issues through interactive omni-channel platforms. These companies are looking to leverage cutting-edge analytics to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver more value to their customers.

The challenge for the client was…

Transforming customer experience for its global corporate travelers through a host of VIP services, including:

  • After-hours voice support for general and booking queries, changes, cancellations and more
  • Business e-mail and chat support
  • Online booking tool navigation support during business hours
  • 24x7 queue management (Passenger Name Record (PNR) fulfillment)
  • 24x7 special services and crisis management
  • 24x7 VIP monitoring and re-confirmation
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) helpdesk (pseudo city code setup, fare loading, testing)

As a transformation partner…

WNS leveraged TravXp, the customer experience pillar of WNS TRAVOGUE (WNS’ suite of services and solutions for the trav and hospitality industry), to set up 24x7 omni-channel service and support through inbound and outbound voice, e-mail, chat, GDS queues and service desk tickets. An analytics-driven staffing model with forecasting capabilities enabled the cross-utilization of agents (multiple GDSs) to achieve higher efficiency.

Automation was implemented in the VIP monitoring and re-confirmation alert process (to reduce manual intervention) and in the schedule change queue (to filter out minor changes). Additionally, the team set the foundation for using artificial intelligence to filter out the non-workable e-mails and prioritize the workable e-mails.

Operating procedures were standardized and streamlined to minimize wasteful efforts. We deployed a quality assurance framework with pre-quality control checks. We also created focused training content to facilitate end-to-end after-hours services and GDS helpdesk.

The solution enabled the travel agency to achieve…



productivity improvement through better forecast and scheduling, cross-utilization, automation and process standardization



higher quality compared to industry benchmarks — due to quality assurance and process standardization



improvement in error rate compared to industry benchmarks — enabled through customized hiring profiles, right governance mechanisms, scenario-based training and quality assurance frameworks


increase in service levels compared to industry benchmarks


WNS is a leading Business Process Management partner to more than 400+ global businesses, including 100+ Travel & Hospitality companies. Our clients in the travel and hospitality industry trust WNS TRAVOGUE for designing and executing their data and digital led business transformation journeys.

Built on more than two decades of experience working with clients from Airlines, Hospitality, OTA and TMC segments, the WNS TRAVOGUE suite of offerings brings together the best of industry expertise, data-to-insights prowess and digital innovation.

Across the value chain, we enable our clients to deliver delightful customer experiences with TravXP, drive operational excellence with TravOps, accelerate revenue growth with TravRev, devise accounting and risk management strategies for financial control with TravControl, achieve inclusive and sustainable growth with TravGreen and outperform the competition with growth-led strategies powered by TravConsult.

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