This is our story of co-creating a retail Customer Data Platform (CDP) to drive a 360-degree customer view and unlock monetization opportunities for a UK retailer.

As we know…

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, most brick-and-mortar retailers have adapted to provide omni-channel services and established a solid online presence. As more shoppers move online, retailers are in an advantageous position to monetize their first-party customer data across all channels.

However, this also demands that retail companies’ marketing teams shift from traditional campaigns to rapid experimentation, quantitative performance assessments and agile execution. Thus, the need for a single customer view, driven by the right marketing technology, has never been greater.

The challenge for the client was…

There was no single centralized customer view despite access to invaluable first-party data. Customer transactions, browsing behavior, and campaign response and demographic data were scattered across various data silos.

The existing marketing technology did not meet the need for customer segmentation, micro-personalization and rapid experimentation.

As the co-creation partner…

WNS set up a programmatic ad serving and media sales solution, allowing the retailer to reach its onsite and offsite audiences, and unlock massive potential for audience monetization.

Leveraging Triange Consult, the consulting arm of WNS Triange (our data, analytics and AI practice), we co-created a comprehensive strategy – from roadmap identification to gap analysis to platform deployment. We implemented a cutting-edge, cloud-based CDP that enabled a 360-degree customer view by integrating online and offline store sales, web analytics, and campaign response and customer profile data.

During the CDP setup, WNS worked with the client to define, prioritize and implement powerful customer segments.

The CDP enabled…

The retailer’s product and marketing teams to understand their customers' engagement levels and bridge in-store and e-commerce retail experiences. It provided a harmonized view of customers’ online and offline interactions with the company’s stores, website and mobile apps, allowing the retailer to create more personalized messaging targeted at the right customer at the right moment in their shopping journey. This has also opened up new opportunities for the retailer to monetize their full range of digital assets by offering customer data-driven media to CPG companies.

Specifically, the retailer is now able to:

  • Create highly targeted campaigns and deliver a personalized shopping experience across web, mobile and social channels

  • Maximize basket value through in-session targeting

  • Build a foundation for various marketing use cases, including basket analysis, propensity to buy and propensity to churn

  • Measure and improve campaign ROI for brands buying media on the retailer’s apps and website

About WNS Triange:

WNS Triange (formerly WNS Research and Analytics practice) powers business growth and innovation for 120+ global companies with data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Driven by a specialized team of over 4000 analysts, data scientists and domain experts, WNS Triange helps translate data into actionable insights for impactful decision-making. Built on the pillars of consulting (Triange Consult), future-ready platforms (Triange Nxt), and domain and technology (Triange CoE), WNS Triange seamlessly blends strategy, industry-specific nuances, AI and Machine Learning (ML) operations, and intelligent cloud platforms.

Driving a futuristic edge are WNS Triange’s modular cloud-based platforms and solutions leveraging advanced AI and ML to provide end-to-end integration and processing of data to actionable insights. WNS Triange leverages the combined strength of WNS’ domain expertise, co-creation labs, strategic partnerships and outcome-based engagement models.

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