As we know…

Harnessing the full potential of data is essential for Travel Management Companies (TMC) to digitize their operations, forge new revenue streams and establish innovative business models. As they strive to improve customer loyalty, data monetization becomes critical to creating tremendous value in every aspect of the business — sales and marketing, operations, customer service, finance and accounting.

The challenge for the client was…

To accelerate its data monetization program. It partnered with WNS to co-create this futuristic state — acknowledging its industry expertise and strong digital, data, and analytics capabilities.

As a co-creation partner…

WNS established a monthly steering committee with enterprise representation, developed a scoring methodology to prioritize research opportunities and created a process to propose new ideas.

TravConsult, the consulting pillar of WNS Travogue (WNS’ suite of services and solutions for the travel and hospitality industry), helped define the priorities based on which FINITE research engagements were initiated (with defined start and end dates, and success criteria). With the required data acquisition, research, model development, and training, the feasibility of monetization was assessed and decisions were taken for generating new opportunities. Accordingly, data and product engineering teams were engaged to operationalize the actionable insights and enhance client applications to consume the insights.

Our solution unlocked…



in new revenue streams (annually) for the TMC


WNS is a leading Business Process Management partner to more than 400+ global businesses, including 100+ Travel & Hospitality companies. Our clients in the travel and hospitality industry trust WNS TRAVOGUE for designing and executing their data and digital led business transformation journeys.

Built on more than two decades of experience working with clients from Airlines, Hospitality, OTA and TMC segments, the WNS TRAVOGUE suite of offerings brings together the best of industry expertise, data-to-insights prowess and digital innovation.

Across the value chain, we enable our clients to deliver delightful customer experiences with TravXP, drive operational excellence with TravOps, accelerate revenue growth with TravRev, devise accounting and risk management strategies for financial control with TravControl, achieve inclusive and sustainable growth with TravGreen and outperform the competition with growth-led strategies powered by TravConsult.

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