Fare Filing and Distribution Center of Excellence Framework Fare Filing and Distribution Center of Excellence Framework
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Fare Filing and Distribution Center of Excellence Framework

In the highly competitive airline industry, effective fare distribution is the key to success in revenue management. It calls for thorough market analysis, understanding competitive pricing trends, airline strategies and market-specific nuances. These have to be factored in with agility, speed and accuracy, coupled with cost distribution and detailed analysis of all other revenue streams. Profitable revenue management thus hinges on speed-to-market, high first-time-right success rates, innovation and optimized productivity.

However, airlines face multiple challenges in fare distribution. Accuracy of fares, automation and analytics support, cost and productivity optimization, and retaining skillsets are just a few of them.

A Center of Excellence (CoE) framework thus plays a crucial role by providing proactive solutions through deep domain expertise, strong sustained resource management, powerful rule-based automation, best-in-class processes and cutting-edge technologies.

WNS’ Fare Filing CoE is a comprehensive, analytics-driven and automation-based framework to drive positive business outcomes in airline revenue management.


Snapshot of Fare Filing Accelerators

A Futuristic Approach


Key Features

  • Comprehensive Automation Suite enhances efficiency and accuracy, and optimizes costs in the areas of auto-pricing, fare checks and category errors. The suite encompasses fare quote Quality Check (QC) automation and fare coding macros to improve the turnaround time of auto-pricing
  • Analytics Hub combines the strength of WNS’ Commercial Planning Suite (CPS) to provide performance views and analyzes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across multiple areas — distribution channels, cost of sale, incentives, point of sale, partner performance, class and segment mix, integrity of Reservation Booking Designators (RBD) and ancillary revenues. The insights generated by CPS in these areas support sales and revenue-based decisions
  • KPI Toolkit strengthens process governance, adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maps process performance to established fare filing benchmarks
  • Digitized Maturity Diagnostic Tool assesses current business maturity level and chalks out a clear roadmap to attain incremental maturity levels
  • Domain University provides a comprehensive digital learning system with fare filing specialized programs, user-friendly learning interfaces, modules and assessments
  • Rich Project Repository combined with Lean and Six Sigma initiatives enables ready solutions for expected hurdles or challenges in the end-to-end fare filing chain
  • Risk and Compliance Studio automates tracking of risks, and creation of effective elimination and mitigation plans
A Futuristic Approach

The WNS Advantage

  • Fare Accuracy Improvements: Reduced manual interventions, macro-enabled fare upload, fare type quality prioritization matrix and automated fare quote QC
  • Productivity Gains: Automation suite and fare coding macros improve the total turnaround time. Additionally, the solution playbook, projects’ repository and analytical tools accelerate and simplify the end-to-end fare filing process
  • Re-work Reduction: Supported by the comprehensive repository of Lean and Six Sigma projects, case studies and successful improvement plan implementations
  • Enhanced Speed-to-Market: Enabled through automation and analytics, insights-based decisions mapped to best practices
  • Continuous Process Improvements: Established benchmarks and defined roadmaps using maturity models, dashboards and macros
  • Provision for Onshore Support from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Availability of highly skilled SMEs with rich domain and technical knowledge to set up fare competence centers onshore. The SMEs will enable airlines to plan and implement strategic activities including database management, trainings, analysis, and new and key projects
  • Agility in responding to customer demands and gain competitive edge
  • Enhanced revenues and cost optimization