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Disruptive technologies are transforming a wide range of industries and the Energy and Utilities (E&U) industry is no exception. Technological developments in solar and storage are seen to have the largest impact; however, few realize that the changing preferences of the customer will also have a major impact on operations. Understanding these changes will be critical to the industry’s ability to adapt and stay relevant.

Customer analytics helps businesses break big problems into manageable answers. When companies need to look at how their customers behave, either as individuals or overall as a demographic, customer analytics decodes their actions so that they’re easier to understand.

At most utilities, customer transactional data is isolated in multiple different systems. IVR data is separated from web and mobile transactions, and most utilities have limited understanding of why their customers contact their call centers.

What WNS Offers: NLP and ML Based Solutions

  • NLP and ML can help analyze call center conversations and interpret notes and comments, while big data platforms can combine customer transactions from multiple channels
  • Advanced statistical models can generate insights into unique customer segments and their differentiated behaviors. Meanwhile, predictive analytics can help anticipate changing customer behavior. Statistical tests can then predict the success of utility initiatives in impacting customer behavior, such as the adoption of a new self-service functionality on the web or mobile app
  • Customer analytics can have an immediate effect on customer satisfaction and help reduce call center volumes. But the benefits do not stop here. Utilities that have harnessed customer analytics have also been able to improve other processes, such as credit and collections