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Energy & Utilities Analytics

Utilities and energy companies, the world over, are compelled to consider new business models and process efficiencies in the face of new imperatives such as increasing demand, new technological interventions and changing regulatory policies. Demanding consumers and rising competition are also adding to the pressure. Companies in this industry are now increasingly realizing the importance and value of analytics to answer some of these challenges, improve efficiencies, exceed customer expectations and augment revenues.

WNS has more than a decade of experience in providing stand-alone and BPM-embedded analytics services for the utilities and energy industry. Our advanced analytics solutions enable clients to outperform in today’s competitive market and help them achieve increased ROI, reduced total cost of ownership and improved customer satisfaction.



Asset Management Analytics

  • Identifying asset life cycle pattern and determining the factors behind their failure using real-time and historical data

  • Assessing the financial impact of ill-performing assets and predicting the cost of maintenance of under-performing assets

  • Predicting an outage occurrence based on historical data analysis


Smart Meter Analytics and Demand Response Programs

  • Identifying demand pattern and determining the factors that drive energy load

  • Accurately predicting the response behavior for a demand response program and thereby influencing the demand in peak time

  • Finding the best service bundle for our client’s customer from demand management point of view

Customer Service

Collection analytics

Debts in the utilities and energy industry are usually more expensive to collect compared to other industries. Stringent regulations, extended settlement periods and long disconnection procedures compound the problems. We help our clients in developing propensity-based ‘Pay / No-Pay’ Model and effective debt collection strategies.

Credit Management

Customer Analytics

Our customer analytics helps clients understand their customer’s behavior in areas such as needs, online behavior, tariff requirements, consumption patterns, etc. We partner with our clients to: solve their business critical problems such as

  • Customer acquisition

  • Managing customer churn

  • Improving revenue from cross-selling and up-selling of products (heater, air conditioner) and services (maintenance, repair)

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WNS Advantage

  • More than a decade of experience serving utilities and energy companies

  • Over 2,300 energy and utilities domain experts with dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) for core utilities analytics functions

  • A trusted service partner for eight of the world’s leading energy and utilities clients

  • Supporting more than 12 million retail energy consumers

  • An integrated meter-to-cash solution for debt analytics, fraud analytics and exception management


Awards & Recognitions

  • A ‘Major Player’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services Report 2014


WNS provides us a blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diverse portfolio. Our partnership with WNS has become an integral part of our operations and we look forward to maintaining this stability and competitive advantage in a volatile energy market.

Phil Bentley, Managing Director, British Gas