Performance Engagement
in the Era of Changed
Business Models

Engaging with your employees is
all about Conversations, Connections,
and more importantly, Compassion


As a CEO, are you concerned about the financial impact of inadequate talent?

53%of CEOs feel insufficient talent will impact them financially


As a CHRO, are you convinced that talent engagement is a core business issue?

94%of CHROs say employee engagement is an important workforce challenge




The 3Cs of

Compassion in Conversations
& Coaching.

What CHRO say

This is what CHROs say...Ongoing feedback triples the levels of talent engagement

What Managers Need

This is what managers need...To be personally invested to increase their team’s engagement

What Next-Gen Workforce wants

This is what the next-gen workforce wants...More interaction, leadership connect, continuous feedback and learning, empathy and recognition


Imagine a platform that can enable them all,
as elusive it may sound



TalentTurfTM is differentiated in the marketplace, because it was built in-house based on the experience of managing 41,000+ employees across 16 countries. The product took shape while solving for connectedness, manager interactions and appropriate performance coaching, using digital platforms, machine learning, AI and analytics. Its differentiation lies in how close it can be to the ‘real world’, vis-à-vis other off-the-shelf HR platforms. It solves for:

Managers Continuous Performance

Managers trying to engage in continuous performance coaching conversations with the right data and insights. Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, combining voice and data, enable these conversations


Employees trying to understand and trust performance strategies, and seeing for themselves how their performance progresses over a period of time. Especially relevant for the millennial workforce, which believes in real-time feedback

People First Strategy

HR being strategic in its ability to create a ‘People-first’ culture that is the holy grail of every organization today. Being ‘People-first’ is about employees being engaged and feeling empowered enough to make the right decisions for themselves, their teams and the organization at large

TalentTurf logo

TalentTurf™ is a people-first engagement platform that moves the needle from performance reviews and management to insights-led performance conversations. In a simple and agile manner, TalentTurf™ creates the key imperatives of performance engagement for 'anytime' and 'real-time' performance conversations without bias.


Key Benefits

24x7x365 Chats and Conversations

24x7x365 Chats and Conversations

  • Live platform

  • Year-round access

  • Employees and managers enter performance inputs, engage in real-time feedback and coaching

Integration with leading ERP systems

Integration with Leading ERP systems

  • Seamless flow and collation of enterprise data

  • Can be integrated with all leading ERP systems – SAP, PeopleSoft or any proprietary HCM suite

Social Media Look and Feel

Social Media Look and Feel

  • Easy-to-use audio and video interfaces

  • Users can upload documents, videos, audios and emoticons as rating indicators

  • Creates an ecosystem for engaged conversations and interactions

Multi-Channel Compatibility

Multi-channel and Multi-device Compatibility

  • Actionable usage and engagement dashboards

  • Accessible on the Web, tablets and mobile

  • Supports different operating systems - Windows, Android and iOS

Intutive Visual Dashboards

Intuitive Visual Dashboards and Reports

  • Human and social approach

  • Trust-based and human aligned decision-making

  • Consolidates employee lifecycle values of learning, development and growth on a single page

Embedded Analytics Insights

Embedded Analytics for Insights-driven Conversations & Engagement

  • Multi-tier descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Deep connections between actions, measurement and outcomes

  • Enables understanding of risks, opportunities and recommendations at speed and scale

360-degree Feedback

360-degree Feedback for Continuous Coaching Conversations

  • ‘Seek feedback’ functionality for feedback from anyone in the organization

  • Managers can proactively initiate coaching conversations

  • MS Outlook integration for 1-on-1 meetings in real-time

Comprehensive Feed

Comprehensive Feed and Conversation Search

  • Advanced keyword search from multiple sources

  • Effective word clouds for positive reinforcement of behaviors and actions

Versatile Communication Templates

Versatile Communication Templates

  • Easy-to-use templates for goal setting and performance feeds

  • Enable individual and team performance notes



What's in it for You as an Organization?

Enhanced employee

Enhanced employee and business performance

TalentTurf™ empowers managers with the right insights to focus on a teammate’s performance development and coach him / her for success in the long term.

Outcome: Elevated organizational productivity, engaged and driven employees

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration between individuals, teams and leaders

360-degree feedback capabilities allow peer-to-peer, peer-to-leader and leader-to-peer interactions. This collaborative approach supports team and organizational success - from goal-setting to instant feedback on performance and coaching for higher responsibilities.

Outcome: Accurate decisions on the talent pipeline, lateral career development and identification of fast-trackers

High employee engagement

High employee engagement and retention

An easy-to-use platform with digital and mobile features that have the ability to create the right level of enthusiasm among employees. Continuous performance conversations encourage employees to take ownership of their performance. Data-driven insights provide bias-free feedback for the right decisions.

Outcome: Higher retention of valued employees


Conversations Driving
Connectedness and Performance

Embedded analytics – Driving the right performance behaviors

  • Stakeholders can coherently visualize evolving trends on performance behavior, management and engagement

  • Descriptive and predictive indicators provide insights to ensure timely encouragement of business-aligned behaviors at every level

Collaborative performance matrix

  • Employees own their performance – with a comprehensive and transparent view into their career goals, learning needs and feedback

  • Managers enable a direct link between organizational goals and employee performance – with insights-driven decision support

  • HR becomes a consultative partner – facilitating a ‘People-first’ organizational culture