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WNS Case Studies Recognized in “2023 ISG Case Study Research” for Business Transformation

Five WNS case studies have been recognized as “Standouts” in 2023 ISG Case Study Research for driving digital-led business transformation for global clients across industries.

The 2023 ISG Case Study Research, an evolution of the ISG Digital Case Study Awards program, recognizes the best-in-class work done by service providers in collaboration with enterprise clients. Standouts are selected based on a multi-dimensional assessment, which includes the tangible impact delivered for the client’s business, the uniqueness of the provider’s solution, industry-specific and regional attributes, and other exceptional features. Finally, the recognition is presented to select IT and business services providers for best-in-class transformation work with their enterprise customers.


WNS’ standout case studies that have been recognized this year are listed below:

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) partnered with WNS to automate its process for consolidating Individual Savings Accounts (ISA). WNS deployed an automation-led solution that enabled straight-through processing for 85 percent of ISA requests. It also allowed YBS to scale automation for managing peak volumes, leading to improved productivity, elevated CX and reduced human error.

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Metro Shipping was grappling with a post-Brexit surge in document requirements. WNS Triange co-created a solution tailored to the client’s customs clearance needs by leveraging WNS Malkom, a document digitization platform. The solution enabled Metro Shipping to enhance business volumes by 25 percent, reduce turnaround times by 40 percent and optimize overall costs.

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ALM Media was looking to modernize its content publishing workflow to improve time-to-market. WNS deployed an adaptive, in-house process for ALM, implementing complex technology changes without disrupting printing deadlines. We also designed content and layout engines allowing for streamlined production, leading to increased productivity, faster time-to-market and improved quality.

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A leading food ordering and grocery delivery platform sought to simplify the backend process of its food-ordering app. WNS deployed AI-based automation to transform the operating model, and speed up and simplify the backend of their ordering process. In partnership with WNS, the client was able to significantly improve process efficiency, reduce human error and address complex cases with the help of intelligent automation.

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A leading North American airline was looking to modernize its passenger revenue accounting systems to ramp up revenue recovery. WNS leveraged WNS TRAVOGUE’s suite of digital capabilities to enable significant revenue recovery, automate accounting processes and drive notable improvements in SLA performance and NPS.

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