Technology and Innovation

WNS IP Labs is underpinned by our deep domain expertise, next-gen technology know-how, and process excellence methodologies, which have combined to take the shape of cutting-edge proprietary solutions. Being modular in nature, these solutions can be easily and cost-effectively embedded into the existing client infrastructure as plug & play systems and can also be offered “as-a-Service”. This suite of proprietary solutions not only caters to industry-specific challenges and gaps in verticals like Travel, Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare and more, but also addresses cross-industry practices like Finance & Accounting, Procurement, HR and Case Management. With Digital technologies such as automation, robotics, and analytics as the driving force, these solutions facilitate intelligent and integrated business operations, real-time visibility, actionable insights, cost reduction and customer satisfaction, to name a few.



RePAXSM– Automated Flight Disruption Management Solution RePAXSM is a first-of-its kind re-booking solution that helps airlines minimize losses and improve passenger experience during flight disruptions. DEEP DIVE
Verifare PlusSM– Automated and Comprehensive Fare Audit Solution Verifare PlusSM empowers customers to transform revenue protection through its best-in-class proprietary fare audit solution.DEEP DIVE
QbaySM– Back-office Productivity and Workflow Management QbaySM, a proprietary and industry recognized automated queue distribution and workflow management solution from WNS. DEEP DIVE
SmartProSM – Automated Proration Engine SmartProSM is a first-of-its-kind proration engine that helps airlines prorate accurately, arrest revenue leakage, take informed revenue management decisions and reduce total cost of operation. DEEP DIVE
Commercial Planning Suite WNS’ Commercial Planning Suite adopts an integrated approach to continually monitor, analyze and strategically support revenue management, sales, pricing, code sharing and partnerships. DEEP DIVE



Broker Connect Broker Connect is a state-of-the-art mobility solution, which meets all the requirements of insurance brokers and financial advisors. DEEP DIVE WNS’ iPASWNS’ iPAS is an Insurance Policy Administration System Integrator that helps in end-to-end lifecycle management of insurance policies. DEEP DIVE
eAdjudicatoreAdjudicator is a cutting-edge solution that automates the end-to-end adjudication process of various types of claims. DEEP DIVE
WNS Actuarial Proprietary PlatformWNS’ Actuarial Proprietary Platform creates a central repository for all assets including assumptions, facts, scenarios and supporting data. DEEP DIVE

Cross-Industry Solutions


Finance & Accounting and Procurement


Supplier Portal WNS’ Standard Supplier Portal is a supplier self-service portal that enables efficient online exchange and flow of supplier communications. This supplier management portal integrates with client’s native ERP, and automates their entire purchase-to-pay process, including communications with both large and small suppliers. DEEP DIVE
P-Card SolutionWNS’ P-card is a fully integrated, highly compliant and automated solution for managing the reconciliation and settlement process in the client’s existing ERP. This user-friendly solution integrates directly with multiple banks and card providers to automate the receipt of statements and drive improved transparency and visibility into their processes. DEEP DIVE


Case Management


WNS TrackPoint ProTM WNS TrackPoint Pro™ is a one of a kind web-based case management tool that allows teams to streamline their work practices by effectively tracking every request, across channels, through its lifecycle. Underlining the WNS TrackPoint Pro™ is a host of critical features that help in expediting task management, enabling faster access, enhancing productivity and adding significant overall value. DEEP DIVE
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