Combine the Power of ERP with the Functionality and Benefits of P-cards

P-cards help optimize the procurement process by reducing the time and costs involved in paying for a variety of B2B purchases. However, several challenges stand in the way of realizing the true potential of P-cards. The challenges typically revolve around integration, reconciliation, spend reporting, compliance and settlement processes.

WNS’ P-card solution provides a fully integrated, highly compliant and automated solution for managing the reconciliation and settlement process in your native ERP system. The easy-to-use solution provides seamless integration with the organization’s enterprise processes, functions and data elements. It also integrates directly with multiple banks and card providers to automate the receipt of statements and enhance transparency and visibility into the processes. The solution drives results by placing the P-card management program inside the existing ERP system, thereby enhancing its interoperability and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Enables seamless integration and reconciliation of purchase card transactions in an ERP system
  • Supports concurrently any number of card providers with a single unified interface
  • Drives automatic reconciliation of transactions inside the ERP system and routes exceptions for processing
  • Helps shift to a single paperless payment process and identifies ways to acquire rebates on purchases

Key benefits

  • Reduces procurement costs through process savings, enabled by a streamlined P-card procure-to-pay (P2P) process
  • Increases corporate purchasing efficiency by compressing purchase cycles and reducing bottlenecks
  • Improves working capital by generating opportunities for improved cash flow such as extended payment terms
  • Ensures zero transaction costs for solution usage

  A leading global media and entertainment company leverages WNS’ P-card solution to achieve annualized savings of USD 1.5 Mn

Scope of Engagement

  • Provide a quick and easy workaround solution for small dollar purchases, which accounted for nearly 80 percent of the client’s payments but equated to only 5 percent of their overall spend
  • Customize the solution to address their geo-specific taxation and compliance needs

Business Benefits

  • The solution enabled the client to use ~5,400 P-cards for performing 100,000 transactions annually
  • The P-card P2P process required fewer people and steps, resulting in increased efficiencies and lower annualized processing cost to bring about an overall savings of ~USD 1.5 Mn in a year
  • P-cards ensured 100 percent payments to credit card vendors before the due date
  • Achieved more than 50 percent reduction in procurement cycle time by allowing departments to purchase items directly from suppliers
  • Improved spend data availability to evaluate spend data activity and identify strategic sourcing opportunities
  • Improved staff re-allocation and employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity
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