Drive Improved Outcomes from Your Case-based Processes

WNS TrackPoint Pro™ - Case Management Solution

There is an unprecedented pressure on organizations to simplify the way they deliver customer service and administer support. With the help desk subjected to a rapid inflow of unique cases across multiple channels from employees, customers and partners, efficient case management becomes imperative. However, in their bid to effectively resolve requests within timelines and prevent pile-up, organizations are often let down by legacy case management tools that are low on features and don’t support scalability. There is an imminent need to replace the outdated legacy applications with powerful, modern solutions to reduce costs and complexity, increase flexibility and drive customer satisfaction.

WNS TrackPoint Pro™ is a web-based case management tool that allows teams to streamline their work practices by effectively tracking each request, across channels, through its lifecycle. Underlining the TrackPoint Pro™ is a host of critical features that help in expediting task management, enabling faster access, enhancing productivity and adding significant overall value.

Key Features:

TrackPoint Pro™ is a comprehensive, multi-channel case management solution that:

  • Is compatible with all devices and browsers, and is configured with business rules for faster task management

  • Features consolidated audit trail reports along with real-time actionable insights for better monitoring and control of the case lifecycle

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates 360-degree ticket view at all times

  • Enables quick decision making and actionable insights through customized and process-specific real-time dashboards; enhanced performance monitoring with additional filtering and strong visual representation with drill down functionality

  • Drives flexible working and enhanced productivity with configurable fields and bulk update features; auto alerts and notification to all stakeholders on ticket status on and before the due date

  • Ensures heightened security with best-in-class features and role-based access control; SSL encryption, password restrictions in line with the business policy; custom roles, privilege based access and user license generation within the application


  Leading global music corporation leverages WNS TrackPoint Pro™ to drive real-time, end-to-end visibility of requests, leading to higher efficiencies.

Scope of Engagement:

  • Automate the tracking and reporting of requests coming from various sources and reduce manual dependencies in request tracking

  • Create a flexible and dynamic workflow with multiple workgroup support for better work management; relieve pressure off resource-constrained teams

  • Support inputs from multiple channels like e-mail, phone, web-to-ticket and more

  • Enable effective, streamlined, and contextual communication eliminating arbitrariness, lack of relevance prevalent in manual phone calls and e-mails

  • Fine-tune operations by ensuring end-to-end visibility of cases through dashboards and reports


Business Benefits:

  • 100 percent of requests logged through TrackPoint Pro™ ensured greater visibility and in turn, greater accountability

  • Reduced transition time to 3-4 weeks for scaling up and managed increased workload with 10-14 percent higher efficiencies

  • Saved 50 percent effort in task allocation and management with features like bulk task actions, resulting in improved service levels

  • Real-time monitoring of the status of all queues, tighter SLA management, and improved compliance

  • Single point processing of requests from diversified sources through e-mail integration, resulting in more efficient request routing and higher throughput

  • Flexible architecture with plug-n-play components ensured solution scalability as per business needs


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