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‘Business Transformation’ has become the operative phrase in a world where disruptions are constantly challenging traditional notions and paradigms. Transformation underlines the ability of an organization to align / re-align its business operations with market factors to achieve desired, possibly new outcomes. Technology, unmistakably, is at the forefront of this transformation, and the evolving nature of technology will continue to re-define future business models.

However, it is imperative for business owners to realize that the true efficacy of technology lies in its ability to underpin and drive business processes, thereby delivering real and sustainable value. Thus, a much greater emphasis needs to be put on aligning technology enhancement with business and process transformation, and achieving this at a rapid pace while ensuring it is pervasive.

WNS TRACTM is a consolidated suite of comprehensive, next-generation technology solutions for managing complex business processes for our clients across industries. Our brand-new technology suite, WNS TRACTM is a combination of our proprietary solutions and IP with partner products and tools.

WNS TRACTM leverages WNS’ deep domain expertise, embedded analytics, in-depth process knowledge and technology capabilities to create end-to-end offerings. WNS TRACTM stands differentiated with its ability to understand and identify the right technology for your business, and therefore, drives larger organizational goals. It powers business through a two-pronged strategy:

  • Bolster the existing technology through seamless integration of client’s traditional technology environment with WNS’ proprietary technology platforms, process management services and RPA tools

  • Introduce next-gen technologies to rapidly power client’s processes to achieve the desired outcomes

WNS TRACTM offers a host of industry-specific and cross-industry technology solutions that are pre-configured with best practices and drive implementation around Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Automation including RPA. From consulting to application management and operations, WNS TRACTM undertakes seamless technology deployment across the business process lifecycle to achieve the desired objectives of sustained growth and profitability.

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