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Security TRAC

An orchestrated approach to security management

Businesses face numerous cybersecurity threats every day that put their systems, data, customers and employees at risk. The impact of a cyberattack, security breach or online fraud can be widespread, exposing the organization to loss in business, the brand, reputation and intellectual property, and placing it at risk of lawsuits.

Most organizations today understand the importance of cyber security for business survival but struggle to put the necessary controls and systems in place. Maintaining a secure environment to conduct business is becoming an increasingly formidable task as attacks get more sophisticated and the number and scale of attacks grow alarmingly. It puts an enormous strain on an organization’s resources and is a drain on its budget.

WNS Managed Security Services bring together world-class system and network security, industry best practices, analytics-led threat protection, strong technology alliances and specialists trained in cybersecurity. WNS helps its clients provide strategic focus on the security program, a proactive approach to identify and thwart attacks, and an agile recovery and response mechanism.


Manage Global Complex Security Needs

More than a decade of experience, state-of-the-art data centers with industry-leading certifications, WNS is your ideal security partner.

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Security Management Services

Security Management Services

Our Security Management Services take a proactive approach to solution design and delivery. This broad range of solutions provides an organization the visibility it needs to identify and thwart an attack before it can strike.

The hallmark of WNS Security Management Services is the coming together of multiple technologies, vendors and devices, and our in-house cybersecurity talent. We help our clients build a secure business with end-to-end security management and monitoring, real-time analysis, compliance, heightened visibility and enhanced efficiency.

Our services include:

  • System hardening - Minimizing the vulnerability of IT infrastructure

  • Anti-malware and anti-phishing services - Ensuring 100% coverage and timely updates of anti-malware solutions

  • Web content filtering - Enforcement and management of web content filtering solutions and blocking data leakage attempts over the web

  • Next-generation firewalls - 24x7 firewall administration, advanced attack detection, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) configuration and customized reporting, advanced persistent threat management

  • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) - Identification, analysis and evaluation of risks to prevent sensitive data leakage; implementation of the right DLP solution whether it is on the web, email or at the end point

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) - Enforcement of security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time for the right reasons

  • SIEM Solutions - 100% event and log files compilation; real-time alerts, reports and dashboards; trend analysis; best practices for faster and accurate audits, investigations and meeting compliance requirements; extended retention of security logs for compliance

Security Monitoring Services

Security Monitoring Services

The key to foolproof security is persistent and uninterrupted vigilance against both external and internal threats. WNS provides businesses continuous monitoring and incident management services for efficient detection and containment throughout the entire security management and monitoring life cycle.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Identity and access monitoring - Monitoring of identity life cycle, report gaps, suspicious account behavior, privileged identity monitoring

  • Anti-malware monitoring

  • Data Leakage Prevention monitoring - Host, web, email

  • Reports, alerts and advisories - Proactive threat and vulnerability advisories, real-time alerts to incident management teams

  • IPS/firewall monitoring - Perimeter security monitoring against zero-day attacks, deep traffic inspection, real-time alerts

  • SIEM – Consolidation of all security system alerts and logs into a unified platform for real-time monitoring, security analytics and advances use cases, and review of daily, weekly, monthly reports

Security Testing and Vulnerability Management

Security Testing and Vulnerability Management

Software defects and system misconfigurations routinely cause vulnerabilities within networks, web applications and databases. It is therefore extremely important to protect critical assets and information from such threats.

WNS Vulnerability Management Services use highly accurate internal and external infrastructure scan audits in a single portal to streamline compliance management requirements. WNS provides remediation steps to manage the client’s security risks and reduce threat exposures.

Our advanced Network Penetration Testing Services leverage latest tools and techniques to discover weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructure and provide meaningful solutions to keep its systems ahead of the attacker’s.

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

The WNS Security Operations Center (SOC) is at the heart of our Managed Security Services offering, taking forward our innovation and intelligence-led approach. It combines in-house talent, capabilities and data-driven insights with emerging technologies and industry practices to provide world-class services to our clients.

WNS Managed SOC brings to the fore a highly mature threat detection and response capability, a high-performance team, and process and technology excellence.

SOC highlights and features

  • Segregated security operations, including network security, for individual clients

  • The highest standards of physical security through an access controlled environment

  • Relentless research to capture exceptions and discovery of zero-day threats

  • Extensive portfolio of security products and solutions – products agnostic to best fit client requirements and environments

  • Comprehensive pre-employment screening, including criminal background checks


WNS Advantage

  • Technology expertise: WNS offers best-in-class tools, technologies and methodologies that deliver excellence all-year round. Our technology offering draws strength from our alliances with technology vendors and our in-house industry domain expertise. We combine that with our process improvement methodologies for sustained excellence in the outcomes we deliver.
  • Distinctive approach: WNS has earned industry recognition for its innovation-led approach to solution design and delivery. Along with its corporate philosophy, WNS Managed Services adopt a consultative approach to help our clients craft a robust security strategy that meets their requirements for today and prepares them better for tomorrow. Our flexible engagement models allow clients to choose a best-fit solution that suits their unique needs.
  • Global network: WNS provides clients the right mix of onshore and offshore security specialists to meet their compliance requirements without putting a strain on resources or budget. Our cost-effective solutions and services help clients keep capital and operating costs in check while maintaining world-class security systems and practices.

Acknowledgement of Excellence - Our Industry Recognition

Our achievements in the Security Services arena have been recognized and acknowledged within various industry platforms, including Data Services Council of India, the focal body for data protection in India. We have received various excellence awards at both the organization and individual levels for demonstrating leadership in the field of data security and information protection.

Our Information Security leadership consistently participates in and contributes to various leading industry forums as speakers and panelists, and in round table discussions for promoting data protection. We have been closely associated with law enforcement agencies to train them in the areas of cyber security and forensics.

WNS Managed Security Services


A handshake of Collaboration - How we engage to deliver

Our versatile options of engagement provide you the freedom of choice to decide how you would like to engage with us.
Our technology- and product-agnostic approach to partnership ensures you have the right solution to leverage your current architecture and protect your assets and investments.

Option 1: Operate


  • Use client’s existing security solution

  • Client defines the process

  • WNS manages the security operations

Option 2: Re-engineer and Operate


  • Use client’s existing security solution

  • WNS defines process in agreement with client

  • WNS manages the security operations

Option 3: End-to-end Solutions


  • WNS recommends security solution

  • WNS defines process in agreement with client

  • WNS manages the security operations