As the critical fulcrum in the retail value chain, supply chains are challenged on multiple fronts. Data overload and an increasing demand for greater responsive customer interactions across multiple channels are just a couple of challenges. This calls for high agility and an integrated platform for seamless collaboration among various stakeholders in the supply chain. Sales, marketing, merchandizing, inventory, delivery, transportation, suppliers and distribution partners need to come together with access to consistent data and sharp insights.

Such challenges also open opportunities for effective deployment of analytics through the entire supply chain lifecycle. Advanced predictive and warranty analytics can improve demand and supply planning, execute intelligent inventory management and improve supplier recovery. Retailers need an expert partner to help them leverage advanced tools, technologies, and analytics to optimize their supply chain operations.

WNS’ supply chain solutions enable retailers to improve collaboration between stakeholders and improve service levels. From planning and forecasting to procurement and after-sales service, we leverage analytics to extract value across all components of the supply chain.

The WNS Advantage

Our supply chain solutions enable retailers to run agile supply chains and improve service levels. We enhance retailer-supplier collaboration for an efficient and demand-driven supply chain and retail execution. This includes supply intelligence, supplier performance and risk monitoring, and contract management. Our global trade shared services, trading partner helpdesks and logistics arm orchestrate all of these on a global scale.

End-to-End Supply Chain Efficiency: Our multi-faceted and rich retail expertise extends across planning, forecasting, sourcing, procurement, fulfillment, after-sales support and advanced analytics. We deploy best-in-class practices and provide a holistic view of processes to enable our clients to drive greater efficiency and extract enhanced value from their supply chains. Intelligent analytics drive our clients’ ‘outperformance’ and deliver significant business impact.

Business Performance: Our integration of smart processes, practices, analytics and technologies drive consistent performance improvements in terms of forecasting, inventory management, order-fulfillment and logistics management. This leads to increased cash flows, optimized working capital, improved customer service, and faster time-to- market. These, in turn, drive down costs, boost profits, and achieve higher productivity. Our expertise in analytics transforms existing data into predictive knowledge that further adds business agility to positively impact customer service, brand image and bottom lines.

Global Delivery Excellence: Our versatile and balanced delivery models of onshore, near-shore and offshore components provide tighter integration, the right skills and cultural alignment to minimize risks.

"Since 2004, WNS has been working as a valuable strategic partner for Coca-Cola. They’ve invested time and resources to truly understand our business model. WNS service model offers a good balance between on-site senior consultants and an agile off-shore team. They provide us with an on tap set of resources capable of tackling many of our diverse needs in the Knowledge, Insights and Analytics spaces. Their expertise and dedication makes a true difference for our team."
Carlos Jose Fonseca

Vice President, Global Knowledge & Insights, The Coca Cola Company

Innovative CIO Award 2016
  • Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Fulfillment Services
  • After-sales Services

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