The dynamism in today’s markets compels manufacturers to build agility and collaboration into their supply chains. From accurate forecasting to managing unpredictable demand, flexible sourcing strategies and mitigating supply risks, manufacturers need to streamline planning and orchestration across operations to ensure steady growth. With the added pressure of upgrading fulfillment services to meet ever-growing customer demands, manufacturers need greater process efficiency, automation and analytical insights to keep their supply chains agile and cost-efficient.

WNS’ supply chain solutions for manufacturing encompasses highly mature business process management offerings backed by a portfolio of robust automation and analytics tools. The solutions address supply chain planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing and procurements, fulfillment services and after-sales services. Underpinned by infrastructure that facilitates the integration of data and business intelligence across operations, our solutions deliver greater forecast accuracy, inventory turnover and spend visibility, with lower procurement costs and supply risks.

The WNS Advantage

With a portfolio of leading global manufacturers as clients, WNS leverages its rich domain and process experience to develop custom solutions that ensure the resolution of specific business problems. Our solutions are designed to deliver definite business impact across a range of cost, control and growth metrics.

Domain Expertise: Our experienced resources deliver best-in-class services across multiple locations globally. Decades of collective experience and deeply ingrained analytical approach allow us to deliver ongoing process improvements and innovations, while well-established knowledge management processes ensure rapid adoption of best practices across all projects.

Innovation Focus: The WNS supply chain offerings are backed by focused, custom solutions designed to address demand forecasting, data harmonization and validation, constraint resolution, production optimizations, inventory forecasting, as well as various operation scenario simulations, among others. Our specially designed models help derive predictive analytics around planning, sourcing, fulfillment and warranty services.

Analytical Models: WNS has partnerships with leading technology companies to ensure cutting-edge solutions and offerings for our clients. Our partnerships enable us to provide the right solution that are tailored to meet the requirements of each client.

"I am delighted the team is living up to our expectations and delivering sensational customer service."
Rob Hartley

Senior Sales & Customer Service Manager,

Innovative CIO Award 2016

  • Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Fulfillment Services
  • After-sales Service
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