Co-creating Digital Next Manufacturing Ecosystems

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a fundamental change, as digitization enables innovative and integrated ways of driving operations, manufacturing products and delivering value. The shift from ‘Physical to Digital’ is all about aligning to the business imperatives of a digital economy – customer journeys and experience, connected plants and devices, adoption of emerging technologies, design thinking, and ‘servitization.’ However, as companies adopt digital transformation, they need to ensure that this transformation is holistic and not piecemeal.

At WNS, we partner with manufacturing organizations to co-create smart and innovative strategies to achieve digitally led outcomes – from core operations to procurement and supply chain, customer interactions and experiences, finance, sales and marketing. With our perfect balance of domain knowledge, digital capabilities, analytics and process excellence, we collaborate with businesses to enable them to achieve outcomes of innovation, scale, growth and intelligent operations.


WNS co-created a trusted remote security management and monitoring solution
WNS facilitated comprehensive transformation underpinned by procurement CoE and automation

Featured Testimonials

“I have seen the cooperation between WNS and MTI on display and this is the evidence of the great partnership we have built over the past years. More importantly, I am thankful to each of the WNS staff that has partaken in making the transition from offices to home offices a success.”

– Khem Balkaran
   CIO, Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI)

“What an unbelievable achievement, especially with regard to our colleagues in Mumbai who had four hours’ notice to move everything before lockdown. You made it happen, you got connected – amazing team effort.”

– Phillip Irish
   General Manager Shared Services Delivery, Quality & Governance,
   GFG Alliance


WNS Solutions 

We offer a comprehensive solutions portfolio, leveraging domain, innovative technologies and advanced analytics to drive rapid efficiencies and gains across diverse manufacturing segments.

Re-imagined Finance Operations

Our next-generation Global Business Services (GBS) enables manufacturers to transform into smart businesses, streamline processes, drive digitalized services and establish enhanced performance standards across the Finance & Accounting (F&A) organization. Our best-in-class global delivery centers drive end-to-end source-to-pay, bill-to-cash, record-to-report, and financial planning and analysis services, catering to 100+ clients through 10800+ specialists.

We transform business processes across the F&A space by deploying the right combination of process and technology attributes.

WNS' Outperforming CFO Framework (OCF) is a next-gen business process assessment and transformation framework that enables the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) office to embrace agility and future-readiness.

WNS' CFO TRAC is a unified and comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to address the emerging imperatives of the CFO and create a more significant impact on the enterprise.

We deploy advanced analytics solutions to deliver prescriptive and descriptive analytics across the F&A value chain with real-time visibility providing insights into areas such as cash conversion cycle, frauds and leakages, revenue assurance and cost competitiveness.


  • 30-40 percent reduction in the cost of operations

  • 40-50 percent increase in efficiency through automation of F&A processes

  • Incremental free cash – 2 to 4 days improvement in days payable outstanding and days sales outstanding

  • Enhanced control environment – reduced month-end close cycle time

Connected Procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

We co-create digital supply chain solutions, powered by data insights and intelligence. These solutions encompass mature business process management offerings, backed by a portfolio of robust automation and analytics tools.

Our procurement and SCM offerings span supply chain planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing, category management, spot buys, operational procurement, order management, fulfillment and after-sales.

We enable companies to operationalize their procurement function and improve their financial performance and efficiency. We co-create, implement, and execute next-generation customized operating models to drive the strategic impact of procurement on their businesses.

Our sales-side supply chain solutions deliver reduced order-to-revenue cycle times through optimized operating models. Digital interventions enhance speed-of-execution with accuracy, and embedded analytics provides insights for control-driven operations with reduced leakages.

In the aftermarket space, we co-create seamless customer experiences, optimize cost-to-serve, and maximize warranty and contract revenues.


  • 10-15 percent improvement in forecasting accuracy

  • 12 percent reduction of addressable spends in strategic sourcing and spot buys

  • 10-15 percent reduction in order-to-fulfillment cycle time

  • 15-20 percent improvement in fill rate enhancement

  • 10-15 percent reduction in backorders


Integrated Sales Order Management & After-market Services

WNS offers digital-led end-to-end order management and after-market services. Our integrated order management portfolio enables seamless sales support and customer service, elevating experiences and augmenting revenues. We help clients to automate processes, thereby minimizing risks ranging across the order management and after-market landscape. Our analytics practice empowers our clients with a host of solutions and predictive models to guard against risks and take proactive decisions for business growth.

Our comprehensive suite of order management and after-market services encompasses touchless order management, automated deal pricing and quote creation, automated master data management, reports automation, product costing, inventory management, order management analytics, digital contract management and digital warranty management.


  • 20-30% improved cash flow through reduced order-to-bill cycle time

  • Up to 50% reduction in cost of ownership

  • Up to 40% improvement in order management and fulfillment effectiveness through enhanced accuracy, perfect order index, and on-time and in-full fulfillment

  • 3-5X payback on digital solutions


Intelligent Digital Transformation

We are developing new-age technology solutions encompassing blockchain, internet of things and augmented / virtual reality. We collaboratively explore possibilities with our clients to continually enable them to achieve their objectives of high customer-centricity, agility in decision-making, and re-invention of business and operating models. We combine industry insights and process excellence with our innovative and intelligent portfolio of digital platforms, frameworks, and solutions to enable smarter operations and create unprecedented enterprise value.

WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM is our comprehensive suite of automation solutions comprising proprietary and platform augmentation solutions, robotic process automation and bespoke intelligent automation solutions (using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and cognitive technologies).

Our rich suite of proprietary solutions includes AI-driven data contextualization engines, advanced analytics and insights platforms, and forensic analytics solutions (to reduce risks and leakages), and natural language processing-enabled chatbots.


  • 40-50 percent reduction in manual effort

  • More than 95 percent straight throughput

  • 30-40 percent reduction in transaction processing cycle time

  • 10-15 percent improvement in forecasting accuracy


We combine our analytics expertise with rich industry knowledge and custom-built proprietary frameworks to help clients make informed decisions at the right time. Our versatile services comprise complex and big data integration and cutting-edge analytics to achieve hyper-personalized customer engagement.

Our rich suite of analytics offerings spans loyalty management, market mix modeling, brand reputation, customer segmentation and profiling, trend analysis and competition research. We are among the top three offshore market research providers providing end-to-end services across research design, survey execution, data processing, and reporting to enhance operational excellence. Our business research team provides in-depth company and industry analysis, research into trends and developments, competitive landscaping, regulatory environment, and its impact and market entry strategies.


At our Analytics Centers of Excellence (CoE), we embed customer and market intelligence into manufacturing processes to drive:

  • Smarter decision support systems for product development and predictive maintenance

  • Unlocking of growth by linking innovation to business value

  • High optimization of the total cost of ownership

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention

"Stock and WNS have been partners during a period of growth and change in both our company and our industry. During our five-year relationship, WNS has matured into a critical contributor to, and an integral part of, Stock’s success. Even more importantly, we look forward to their continuing partnership in Stock’s realization of a very exciting future. By leveraging the capabilities of the WNS team, Stock has realized not only significant cost savings, but continuing process improvement. WNS has embraced the Stock culture and its values, and in doing so they perform as dedicated members of the team – 100% focused on improving processes and providing an excellent product. We value our partnership with WNS."
Donna Thagard

Vice President, Corporate Controller, Finance, Stock Building Supply

Everest Group ‘Star Performer’ in Finance & Accounting Outsourcing – 2019
NelsonHall’s A ‘Leader’ in Advanced Analytics BPS

The WNS Advantage

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Over two decades of experience in servicing leading global brands across diverse manufacturing segments by harnessing the synergies of domain, process, technology and analytics. Our best-in-class professionals help create CoEs in specific focus areas.

Global Delivery Network

Global Delivery Network

Operating from 60 delivery centers spread across 12 countries to provide clients with the right blend of offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery.

Platform-agnostic and Customer-centric Approach

Platform-agnostic and Customer-centric Approach

Our modular solutions customized to client needs are platform-agnostic, leveraging their existing investments. WNS’ solutions are geared to help global clients maintain incisive focus on customer needs, while driving process excellence across the value chain.

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