Stagnating growth, high global competition amongst players and cost pressures are forcing Consumer and Packaging Goods (CPG) organizations to move away from traditional supply chain strategies to an optimized supply network management. Complex global supply chains need to be managed efficiently to create resilience and ensure business continuity.

Additionally, supply chains have to be agile and flexible to help the business keep pace with rapid market changes. What is needed is a more strategic and collaborative approach that moves the needle from transactional and operational excellence to a strategic partnership with the business.

WNS’ comprehensive supply chain management solutions enable CPG companies to improve collaboration among stakeholders. We enable our clients to run more agile supply chains and improve service levels across planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing and procurement, fulfilment and after-sales services.

The WNS Advantage

Our solutions create agile information streams that enhance the efficiency of supply intelligence, supplier performance and risk monitoring. We provide our clients’ supply chains better control of inventory and planning processes to improve their service levels.

Domain Expertise: Our rich pool of experienced employees deploy smart analytics and best-in-class practices to enable our clients to drive consistent performance improvements in forecasting, inventory management, spending effectiveness, order-fulfillment and logistics management to deliver significant business impact.

Process Excellence: Increased cash flows, optimized working capital, improved customer service and faster time-to- market are just a few business benefits our clients achieve with our supply chain management solutions. Our expertise in analytics transforms existing data into predictive knowledge that further adds business agility to positively impact customer service, brand image and bottom lines.

Governance Structures: We help our clients design customized and flexible supply chain systems that adapt to dynamic requirements with cost efficiency. Our solutions improve forecasting accuracy and demand planning, that enable optimized sales and operational excellence.

"WNS provides us a blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diverse portfolio. Our partnership with WNS has become an integral part of our operations and we look forward to maintaining this stability and competitive advantage in a volatile energy market."
Phil Bentley

Managing Director, British Gas

IDG CIO 100 Award 2016



  • Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • After-sales Services
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