The Client

One of the world's top hotel chains with a multitude of properties, operating under separate brands.

Business Objective

Frequent travelers often subscribe to multiple loyalty programs. The challenge for hotel chains is to make their loyalty programs the most preferred ones among frequent travelers.

The client aimed to increase its loyalty member base and encourage repeat stays.

The WNS Solution

Marketing campaigns and promotional offers, aimed at increasing the loyalty member base, are effective only when the target audience is chosen well.

With this objective, WNS leveraged customer segmentation techniques to classify the client's guests based on their transactional behavior.

WNS then used two proprietary analytics models – 'Lift' and 'Success' – in order to identify the most profitable guest segments:

  • The Lift model estimated the increase in loyalty points. This value denoted incremental revenue generated through the loyalty program

  • The Success model predicted the success rate of promotional campaigns across member segments. This value denoted the cost of offering incentives to members

WNS computed the ROI for each member segment using the revenue and cost figures / values derived from the Lift and Success models, thereby identifying the most profitable guest segments.

Thereafter, WNS deployed a logistic regression model, which helped predict the success of marketing campaigns including incentives and promotional offers, across all guest segments.

Benefits Delivered

WNS' solution enabled the client to optimize it’s marketing efforts by targeting the right member segments with the right incentives and promotional offers, which increased:

  • Annual revenue by approximately USD 20 Million

  • Loyalty member registrations by 17 percent, annually

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