The Client

A top global multi-brand hotel chain.

The Business Need

The hotel chain had launched a multi-channel marketing campaign targeting loyalty program  members and non-members to improve its revenue. The client's business need was to measure the effectiveness of its highly targeted marketing campaign.

The WNS Solution

WNS built an analytical dashboard to assess the campaign effectiveness through multiple metrics across several key areas such as:

  • Member segments

  • Hotel locations

  • Campaign offers

  • Destination brands

  • Communication channels

  • Booking channels

WNS developed and deployed a customized logistic regression model to quantify the return on marketing investment and the incremental revenue generated thereof.

The Outcome

WNS' insightful reports and analytical dashboards enabled the hotel chain to make several crucial decisions for future marketing campaigns, which included:

  • Identifying the need for additional marketing initiatives, over and above the primary campaign

  • Forecasting incentive costs

  • Identifying the most profitable target markets and guest segments

  • Developing differentiated and targeted marketing campaigns, including promotional offers and incentives

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