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A Proprietary Platform to Re-define Shipment Documentation for Shipping, Trucking, Air Express, Freight Forwarding and 4PL

Leveraging the Trifecta of Domain Expertise, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Shipping & Logistics companies are facing unprecedented change as digitization rapidly gains ground in the industry. While asset-based carriers, forwarders and brokers have invested in digitizing various areas of the supply chain, some gaps remain. The processing of documents such as bills of lading, consignment notes, air waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists, is still, in many cases, a labor-intensive, time-consuming and paper-based process.

The completely manual, repetitive and error-prone paper-based process results in numerous challenges:

  • Multiple document templates customers use often lead to inconsistencies

  • Errors in data capture due to manual data entry and shipper-specific business rules adversely impact delivery, customs clearance and invoicing

  • Delays in receiving shipment information impedes operational planning and supply chain visibility


WNS Malkom: A Proprietary Digital Shipment Documentation Platform

WNS Malkom, a proprietary platform enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, addresses these challenges by automating end-to-end shipment document processing. The platform enables instant data capture through an intuitive mobile app with the highest levels of accuracy. Its Artificial Intelligence layer continuously reviews earlier shipments and records every user-made change to learn which elements are critical to quality. Additionally, an embedded business rules validation engine consistently ensures correct application of customer-specific requirements.

WNS Malkom is a versatile shipment digitization platform that can be used for a variety of shipping documents including, but not limited to:

Air Express
Air Express
Forwaders Brokers NVOCC 4PL
Forwarders, Brokers, NVOCC, 4PL
  • Bill of lading

  • Delivery receipt

  • Air waybill

  • Consignment notes

  • Commercial invoice

  • Shipping instructions

  • Booking request

  • COI

  • Shipping instructions

  • Dock receipt

  • Carrier invoice

  • 99% data accuracy

  • Fewer invoice disputes

  • Improved DSO

  • 50% cost reduction

  • Faster, more accurate bookings

  • Faster shipment visibility


An integrated intuitive mobile scanning app

An integrated, intuitive mobile scanning app to automate the shipment documentation process in real-time

Ability to auto identify and process

Ability to auto identify and process diverse types of documents and images fed through multiple channels such as e-mail, cloud folders and mobile apps

Intelligent OCR coupled with an Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent OCR coupled with an AI layer to automatically capture data (unstructured data and unstructured formats) with high efficiency

Unsupervised Machine Learning through

Unsupervised Machine Learning through advanced forecasting of attributes in various fields based on the use historical trends and database

Custom business rule engine to create customer specific

Custom business rule engine to create customer-specific rules on-the-go for any process

Robust workflow built to scale to support

Robust workflow built to scale to support multiple users across multiple geos with in-built exceptions handling and dynamic task allocation mechanism

In-built analytics engine to provide interactive

In-built analytics engine to provide interactive dashboards for monitoring daily performance, volume forecast, business insights and other Order-to-Cash metrics

Seamless integration into customers

Seamless integration into customers’ TMS through API, EDI or RPA


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Key Benefits for Various Stakeholders

LTL Organization

Solution Differentiators

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We combine deep industry insights with an understanding of the unique needs of shipping lines, ground carriers, air express, NVOCCs and forwarders to offer industry-best practices and expertise to our clients.

Leading Edge Technology

Leading-edge Technology

The solution embeds Artificial Intelligence-enhanced data extraction and contextualization, advanced Machine Learning algorithms and a fully configurable workflow to streamline the documentation process.

Accuracy at the Core

Accuracy at the Core

Machine Learning algorithms validate extracted data with your master databases and shipment history to drive unparalleled documentation accuracy.

Modern Scalable Architecture

Modern Scalable Architecture

WNS Malkom utilizes leading-edge cloud-based (AWS & MS Azure) serverless architecture built for speed and scale with guaranteed availability.

Integration with TMS

Integration with TMS

Shipment information processed in WNS Malkom is integrated to your TMS through APIs or Robotic Process Automation. WNS Malkom also uses your TMS’ databases to ensure that updated customer account information and business rules are part of the data extraction.