Energy & Utility companies need to urgently re-evaluate their customer engagement strategy. Amid waning customer loyalty, the ability to provide real-time and any-time information, and query resolution has become paramount. While companies are adapting to the ‘new normal’ of business operations in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, they also need to address the following questions to adopt a winning customer engagement formula:

  • Does your customer strategy entail measures to counter the impact of a crisis?

  • Does your digital strategy enable an effortless journey for your customers?

  • Are you witnessing a shift in customer's channel preferences?

  • Are you making the right investments to meet changing customer needs?

  • How much emphasis are you placing on predicting what your customers want?

  • Do you measure the right business outcomes?


The global E&U industry is facing unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 outbreak. While revenues have fallen and costs have risen, impact on business continuity has meant that companies are struggling to provide an immediate and empathetic response to increasing customer queries.

This is why you should prioritize Web chat adoption

Immediacy in communication – 79% of customers prefer live chat due to instant responses, according to Econsultancy

Higher traction – 63% of customers who use live chat will return to the Website, according to EMarketer

Efficient way to manage huge volumes of customer queries

Reduced cost of operations

Effective call deflection through improved FCR rate

Improved customer experience through real-time and accurate query resolution


Leveraging Digital to Drive Call Deflection and Real-time Customer Conversations

It is imperative that E&U companies leverage digital channels to transform their existing communication efforts and offer customer support in a fast, effective and compassionate way. Assisted digital channels including Web chat, messaging and Asynch have today become an efficient way to digitally engage with customers, driving real-time communication and improved customer experience. These channels play a key role in reducing customer effort by negating channel switch from digital assets such as Website and mobile application.



Holistic Approach to Solution Implementation

What sets WNS apart is our ability to leverage our domain expertise and combine that with our technology and analytics capabilities to rapidly craft comprehensive and customized business solutions.

Digital Channel Analytics

Use of funnel management analytics model (WNS intellectual property) and customer interaction analytics (speech and text integrated) to drive increased sales conversions, customer satisfaction and decreased channel switch.

Well-defined Customer Contact Strategy

Our expertise in the digital space helps us define a robust contact strategy for our clients. We comprehend the client objectives (reduce e-mail queries / increase sales / deflect calls / adopt mobile application) to design the most effective solution.

Effective Web Chat Platform Selection

We leverage benchmarking data and feature comparisons of various Web chat platforms (powered by our technology partners) for assisted digital channels aligned to the customer contact strategy.

Robust Operating Model

Underpinning our customer contract strategy is a best-in-class operating model that encompasses key facets such as hiring, training, operations and quality, service-level agreement / key performance indicator design and management, workforce management, employee engagement and talent engagement.

Case in Point: Collaborating with One of the Leading Utility Suppliers

  • Chat Efficiency Improvement:

    • Text-based sentiment analytics resulted in reduction in query handling time

    • Predictive modeling on customer experience enhancement on the basis of average handling time and concurrency resulted in Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement

  • Channel Containment Model:

    • Use of Big Data analytics to develop a model to gauge channel containment for Web chat resulted in reduction in cost-to-serve worth millions

  • Overall improvement in self-serve engagement and reduction in channel switch leading to significant operational cost savings


Rapid Operationalization

The efficacy of the overall WNS solution lies in quickly operationalizing it to power rapid outcomes for our clients.

Understanding the current customer contact strategy – current landscape and key objectives

Website application tagging to understand customer behavior and where to place chat solution

Agent training / access / procedures and set up

Testing of deployed solution




*Subject to due diligence

The WNS Advantage

Digital- and Analytics-powered Solutions

  • Digital Meter-to-Cash (M2C)

  • Analytics-driven and outcome-based collections

  • (Robotics and Digital Automation TRAC™) Comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions

Domain Expertise

  • Engaging more than 4,100 industry experts across 8 global delivery locations

  • Supporting more than 35 million residential and commercial customers                                                

Proven Performer

  • Named “Leader” in 2019 NelsonHall NEAT Vendor Evaluation (for CX Services in Energy & Utilities in the Overall Market Segment)

  • Named “Leader” in 2019 NelsonHall’s NEAT for Advanced Analytics Business Process Services (BPS) in the Overall market segment

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